Pageant Runway Walk Tips | How To Win Your First Pageant | Training

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hey guys welcome back to the channel

today we are talking about how to walk

the runway during your pageant I'm Ali

with ng M modeling and let's jump right

in on this topic the runway walk is one

of the biggest things that will

distinguish contestants during a pageant

it is something that should be practiced

often so you are confident and at your


I'm pageant day here are some of the

tips to help you achieve your very best

walk always keep your head up while

walking it's hard sometimes to keep your

chin at an even level sometimes your

chin tends to float either up too far so

that you're looking up too high or

sometimes you tend to tuck your chin in

a little bit to your chest so try to

concentrate on keeping your head up

while walking walk with one foot in

front of the other so crossing your feet

one in front of the other

as you walk it's gonna create nicer

angles on your body and it's going to

make you look great and professional on

the runway next is to be playful with

the crowd during your walk and poses if

your pageant allows so make sure that

you're really smiling with the crowd and

just really engaging them during your

walk and doing your poses and that's

actually going to help you and it will

also encourage you and keep you

confident as you want

next up put your hands on your waistline

and angle your body while posing with

weight on one foot so this will create

lots of different angles for your body

we'll give lots of different looks to

the way that you are and to the shape of

your body and to what you're wearing as

well so make sure you use your hands on

your waistline and make sure that you're

angling your body as you're posing

next is to have fun if you're genuinely

enjoying yourself it is actually going

to lead to a higher score this is gonna

show confidence and the judges are

looking for you to genuinely be having a

good time

next is to hold your poses you're gonna

want the pictures afterwards so don't

move so quickly when you get to the end

of the runway because you're gonna have

better pictures if you stop and hold it

for a few seconds so the photographer's

have a chance to grab some great photos

of you and last don't rush you want the

judges to spend the time looking at you

so you're not gonna stand out there and

just drag it out for forever but take

your time it's also going to show that

you are confident in your movements as

well if you don't rush through them if

you're a little bit nervous it happens

to be that sometimes you kind of rush

through your poses and through your

movements so make sure take your time

show them you're having a good time and

the judges will spend that time looking

at you a little bit longer hope these

tips were helpful to you make sure you

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