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yo so you know one of the things for

people is how to how to dunk obviously

dunking is more than jumping higher you

know we teach you all about a jump

higher jump workbook comm that's a place

to start free place to start we show you

that but a lot of people get to jump in

highly still can't dunk and that's their

that's their final goal so I wanted to

talk today specifically about how to

Palm a basketball you may think it's

only size of your hands that matters but

I'm here to tell you it's not just size

that matters so let's look at a

basketball I want to show you I got some

big feet but I got pretty small hands so

if you look at a basketball this one I'm

gonna show you how to train your hand to

palm basketball because as you can see

here I can pull the basketball just fine

and if you want to know what size my

hands are go to this basketball I'm

gonna put my palm at one panel in the

middle I can't even reach the second

panel so I'm just I'm not as big as two

panels on a basketball however let me

get my notifications out here however I

can palm a basketball off a dribble and

that's because you can train your hand

the palm basketball and I love palming

the basketball isn't just good for

Duncan it's good for in the post I mean

I love being able to pong basketball it

makes me feel in control the ball it

helps me enormously but I have very

small hands so I'm going to show you a

couple tricks the first trick is if you

want to Palm a basketball just to Duncan

let's say you not to not to use in a

game or whatever but just to dunk the

basketball one it helps to get your

hands sticky and to do to get your hands

sticky the ball matters some balls are

harder than the others but you take your

hand don't rotate don't rotate on me

take your hand and you just want to be

squeezing all over the ball

it'll take the dirt off your hand and

that your your your your hand will just

start to stick to it more so squeezing

it and I do a lot of these banana peel

squeezes and you'll start to really get

the feel for that ball so first of all

if your hands are dusty or sweaty they

need to be this kind of right kind of

stickiness and squeezing the ball and

kind of just becoming getting your skin

texture with it is the first thing to

get it right now let's talk about the

grip you don't want to grip a ball with

the seams like this you don't want to

grip it with the seams what you want to

do let's take your hand like this on top

and slide it and tell your thumb and

middle finger to are on the panel so you

got two fingers on the panel like this

these two and then you got a thumb on

the panel here right just like that then

you can actually grip it so that's how

you're gonna get a palm to dunk a

basketball go ahead man

is he gonna find that grip and that's

the grip where your thumb is on one

panel and your two fingers are as wide

as you can

right notice what my fingers doing there

you see that

so that's how you're gonna that's the

grip that's the easiest to grip a

basketball much easier than going with

the seams because you actually find an

extra groove to get in there and then

you could just grab the ball and those

are my thumb's doing those are my

fingers are doing I've trained by hand

to grip a ball like that because when

you're gripping a basketball you're

squeezing it like this you're not

squeezing it like this so what really

matters is your ability to create to

create that grip and then squeeze it

this way you're not squeezing it like

you're not rolling your fingers into it

like this you're squeezing it like this

so that's why when you grip the ball you

can start to strengthen these muscles

too so that's the grip you got the grip

let me know if you get it or not you

understand it that's the grip to do with

the basketball dunk it another the other

item here is you can start to train

there so what you want to do is put your

hand in this grip now this is the exact

trip you need right this is the exact

area where you gonna be grabbing the

ball now get it in motion then you can

squeeze and do isometric hold we just


so you just squeezing this and you're

actually getting stronger don't squeeze

for time limit squeeze for strength

because at first that's what you're

gonna need is the ability to just so

you're gonna be squeezing those you can

squeeze hold that maximum effort squeeze

for like ten seconds and repeat that

like eight to ten times so you're

holding that way you're gonna be

strengthened the exact positions of a

palm and a basketball then you can also

start to squeeze it out so now you got

it like this and you see you're

squeezing that ball out of your like a

banana peel eventually that thing's just

gonna start to stick to you it's gonna

take time because your muscles and your

muscle memory is gonna develop around

that palming position right so that's

how you start to learn to palm

basketball get the position proper

learned that you need to be able to

crank your fingers here and you're gonna

be squeezing the ball like this or not

like this so it doesn't matter how how

strong his second phalanges are it

matters that you can get in this

position be interesting to see if I can

do it as well with the left hand cuz I

practice that so much with my right hand

it's not near it's not I don't even know

if I can get it off the dribble

so you see I've actually practiced this

much more with my right hands I got it

but my my right hands you know I could


pop that easy so that is how you do it

and when you got that you're gonna be

able to just so much easier so uh so

again guys whether you jump in high

whether you're making progress or not as

soon as you can follow basketball it's

so much easier to dunk when you're Paul

in basketball you just got to get

basically this wrist over not even you

can get if you can get a hand over you

can start doing some cool dunks I mean

when I started being able to pull in

basketball if I was near the rim even

though I couldn't do big dunks it yet if

I was near the rim I was gonna try and

then and keep in mind you know I think

different basketballs are different a

good the old leather balls a hard old

dusty rubber bar balls card these ZK

composite balls and this balding game

balls you can you can palm them real

nice this ball is an indoor/outdoor ball

but it's pretty it's pretty good almost

most good game quality balls are easy to

palm if I believe if you have instant

inches this we have a poem your poem of

basketball routine a lot of it's in here

there's a little extra stuff in there as

well that's all about finding the

position strengthening that position and

then just doing that regularly over time

it is a skill following a basketball is

more than just your size it is a skill

oh yeah okay guys let me know if you

have questions I hope you find this

helpful and if you like this please

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