How to Hold a Basketball When Shooting : Basketball

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hi this is Travis Corpening basketball

trainer and founder of shaper a movement

I want to show you how to hold a

basketball when you're trying to shoot

for this you will need a basketball

basketball shoes and a basketball court

first of all once you catch the ball or

have the ball in your hand prepared to

shoot you want to put you want to try

you're not going to always be able to

accept it like that but you want to try

to have the lines of the ball horizontal

with your body also you want to make

sure the ball is on your fingertips on

your fingertips not the ball not the

palm of your hand let it rest on your


make sure there's space in between here

then what you want to do is you want to

bring it up put your elbow on target and

follow your eyes on target and you want

to follow through now you want to snap

your wrist down you want to make sure

your wrist snaps down now and there's a

backwards rotation when you shoot the

ball the reason you want a backwards

rotation is because you have more of a

chance of actually making the shot if

the ball rotates backwards towards you

if it hits any part of the rim this is

Travis Corpening and that's how to hold

a basketball when shooting