Hold conversations using Google Translate

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there are a number of apps out there

that help you translate from one

language to another but for the most

part you're dealing with just written


but now the googles update to their free

Google Translate app for iOS and Android

users can now have spoken conversations

and have them translated between two

languages almost instantly to help

demonstrate I've enlisted the help of

CNET's multilingual dream team I'll be

playing the role of the monolingual

entitled white guy let's see if this app

can help me out to get started I'll open

up the app check that it's set to

translate between English and the

language I want to translate to and then

tap the mic right now it's listening for

English and when I stop it will

automatically translate to Spanish so

I'm gonna press the microphone a second

time and then I can have a conversation

with Vanessa all right so then how's it

going note entiendo nada lo que me estas

tratando de decir I do not understand

anything of what you're trying to tell

me notice haciendo followed SS

aplicaciones b intestacy endo sonar

comedy Otis as the application is doing

favors rather tests sounding like an

idiot right back atcha Vanessa to stop

things I'll press the mic button again

and now to change things up I'll talk to

Seth in Japanese and I'll change the

language setting from Spanish to

Japanese then tap the mic button a few

times to kick it into conversation hello

Seth how are you doing today

on YouTube this is I don't know you Lisa

de gallo dated mmm kill was ago you

sucka she does it it is amazing busy


I'm sorry that's close blows so sorry I

hope they give you a break soon yeah

watashi wa sushi ski doesn't I like

sushi well okay I hope this weekend you

get to enjoy some now for our last

conversation I'm gonna try Russian with

Boris take a minute here to get this


Boris thanks for joining me here and

testing out this app buddy spicy pasta

police minister - totally detectable

Iranian spicy pasta progressively minion

sudah thank you for inviting me here

how's the translation so far this year

period ah walnut which NASA be no truce

: on beef translation pretty meat

especially from Russian to English so

there you go that's how to use Google

Translate to translate conversations

between two languages on the fly I think

it's pretty cool

keep in mind though that we're in this

perfect quiet environment here if you're

using this at a crowded noisy restaurant

or using it outdoors you probably have a

different outcomes we also have a great

Wi-Fi connection here if your connection

is spotty you have to keep in mind that

all the translations happening in the

cloud not directly on the phone so that

data connection is really important

still on all great app especially for

travelers you can handle 90 different

languages it can handle translating

between text and scribbled input and

even you can even use the camera to

translate images of menus in written

text in real time it's really cool check

it out

for more how-to s visit

cnet-dot-com-slash-loaded bell thanks

for watching