How to Throw a Baseball - Finding the Seams

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what's up guys Madame our company from

pro Singapore Chester I know you're

probably thinking that we just having a

catch with yourself I was doing the

drill calls finding the seams and that's

what this week's edition of pro swings

tip of the week is all about binding the

seams catchers outfielders infielders

this is essential okay you need to find

the seams means you need to get a four

seam grip before you deliver the ball

from a shortstop before you throw that

guy out it's second from catching before

you try to throw the guy out at home a

four seam grip will give you a true ride

and carry and will let that ball travel

as it should through the air and get

your target as soon as possible now

let's explain how do I get my four seam

grip and how do I find the seams

okay let's start with examining a

baseball the crease of your finger

should be on the top of the wide mouth

of the seams and your thumb should be

right underneath like so now it's not

deep in your hand my younger guys okay

if your hands aren't physically

developed enough to hold it with two

hands you can use more fingers but don't

let it get too deep into your hand let

it come out let there be a little pocket

right there now notice the thumb is

directly underneath after the thumb is

to the side we can get rift action and

when we throw it the ball can curve and

will not carry true a great example to

show you what we mean if I'm holding and

my four seam grip like that and I took

the ball out I should be able to shove

my hand and have my thumb go between my

two fingers that's a great way to think

about it okay so we showed you how to

hold the forcing grip but why is a four

seam grip important here's why when you

pull down on those seams and release

that ball it creates a backspin and

gives the ball a true ride and carry we

want to talk about Vladimir Guerrero

Ichiro even Derek Jeter it's short the

way their ball almost looks like a picks

up speed as it goes is because they have

a true four seam grip and the ball has a

perfect ride and carry now how do you

focus on getting the seams I understand

sometimes as a shortstop you make a

great backhand and you let it go without

getting the seams because it's so quick

it's a bang-bang play

there's drills you can do throw one you

flip the ball up and you rotate it in

your hand to the four seam grip you can

do this watching television on the back

whatever you want to do you can do this

drill you don't need a glove you don't

need a friend you don't need anything

flip it for seam grip catch it for seam

grip now it seems easy well now you're

doing a pretty quick it doesn't seem

that hard because remember the way

baseball is set up you are always a

quarter turn away from finding the seams

so if I'm here quarter of a turn I'm

right there if I'm right here

quarter of a turn I found my four seam

grip okay this second drill is a little

more advanced simple though you're not

just using your hand you got a glove now

and what you're gonna do is you're gonna

flip it up catch it find your four seams

as you get to your power position

remember power position we talked about

this in the Top Gun throwing series if

you haven't seen it go check it out it's

a very important video so we're throwing

the ball up we're catching finding our

four seams power position higher this

time got it I'm in my for scenes power

position okay just to recap we talked

about finding your seams having your

fingers on the crease of the wide mouth

and your thumb underneath having a

little bit of a pocket there being able

to do a drill catch it and you're a

quarter turn away from finding your

seams remember finding your seams could

mean the difference between winning and

losing a game so make sure you do

practice thanks for watching this week's

edition of pro swings tip of the week

tune in next week for another tip that's

gonna make you a better baseball player