Baseball Pitching Grips - How to Throw a Curveball

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hey guys what's going on it's coach

Justin from ultimate baseball training

and today I'm going to teach you how to

throw a curve ball properly it all

starts with the grip okay so if you have

a baseball pick a baseball up and you

have to know that the curveball is

basically a pitch that you do with your

thumb and your middle finger okay this

index finger really just goes along for

the ride so the way that I grip this

pitch is

I place my thumb in my my middle finger

first like this kind of across the laces

okay and then this one just barely rests

like that okay a lot of the times when

I'll teach younger players how to throw

a curveball I'm talking you know 12 13

14 years old is the earliest the very

earliest you should start breaking off

curveballs but when I teach them a lot

of the times I have them have their

finger up like this because it's really

a pitch that you can control with your

thumb and your middle finger this one

just goes along for the ride so if

you're new to throwing curveballs that's

a great way to practice okay something

else when you're a young pitcher

learning to throw this pitch I learned

this from Tom house actually when you

take the body your glove for a fastball

right we want to when we separate our

hands we want you know our fingers to be

pointing towards center field right well

when you're learning how to throw a

curveball sometimes it's beneficial to

just pull the ball out of your glove

like this and it that it's easier to

throw okay so that's just when you're

young when you're learning how to throw

this pitch because the worst thing that

you can do is you know pull it out like

a fastball and then you don't know how

to throw it properly and you start

twisting your arm that's going to cause

a ton of pain it's going to hurt your

elbow you know that's that's not going

to be a good situation for your rotator

cuff your labrum all of that stuff so

you have to learn how to throw this

pitch properly okay so never you never

want to twist your arm awkwardly like


another thing another common

misconception is a lot of coaches teach

that you have to wrap the ball like this

in order to throw it and that's not

really true it's really about throwing

this pitch out in front okay and you

don't have to wrap the pitch like this

that's again going to cause you some

injuries there okay another thing that

you want to always be sure to do is you

want to release the ball out in front

here and if you're going to miss any

where you should miss low okay we don't

want to miss high because that's when

you know those pitches are hung as they

say and that's when pitcher or when

hitters jump all over that pitch and

that's when you really get hurt okay

that's when the homerun homeruns come so

if you're gonna miss miss low okay

another tip a lot of players they throw

a fastball and maybe they have a 3/4 arm

slot like this and then when they try

and start breaking off curveballs they

think they have to manipulate their body

to get a really over-the-top motion and

that's not true you can throw in your

natural arm slot so if you're a 3/4 arm


continue to throw that you might have a

little bit more slurve effect than you

would a 12-6 curveball but try and use

your natural throwing motion your

natural arm slot and you know a big

reason why I tell you this besides just

you know taking it easy on your arm and

you know maintaining your arm slot for

all your pitches besides just that you

know if I throw a fastball from here

right in a game and then all of a sudden

I do this to throw a curveball that's

easy for a hitter to pick up a

difference and they can easily tell up

look a curveball is coming and hugging

that one I'm going to crush this so try

and maintain your same natural arm slot

and keep your fingers nice and relaxed

your hands and your fingers nice and

relaxed nice and loose players at the

end try to you know really snap it and

if you try and do that in your your your

hands and your fingers are tight then a

lot of the times you're going to miss

your spot and it's not going to get the

effect that you're looking for so keep

your wrist and your fingers really

really loose and a lot of the times out

here when you have the proper grip

snap is going to happen sort of

automatically okay and the last tip I

have for you as far as throwing breaking

balls you want to maintain your same arm

speed just as I talked about it's a

telltale sign when a pitcher throws his

fastball here and he changes something

he changes his arm slot for a curveball

well it's the same way if you slow down

your arm speed okay so if a fastball if

you're like this and then a curveball

everything kind of slows down

that's another telltale sign it's easy

to recognize as a hitter just one little

thing is off and it's easy to tell okay

so don't tip your pitches try and focus

on maintaining that solid fastball arm

speed and that's really going to get

that sharp break you're looking for so

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