How to wear your glove for soft hands: Defensive Tips

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and the way we hold our glove impacts

whether we have soft or hard hands I

want to make sure that I hold my glove

or wear my glove relaxed on my hand as

you can see I have some of my wrists

exposed coming out from the glove this

means that my hand is not shoved deep

down inside of the glove if I shove my

hand deep my palm is right up against

the leather the ball is going to pop out

because I have hard hands another option

that I have as an infielder is to remove

my back finger out of the glove this

creates more leather and more space

between the skin of my hand and the

leather of the glove that will help

create some cushion to the blow of the

ball the third option is to actually

take my fingers my pinky and my ring

finger and to put those all the way in

the pinky hole of the glove this creates

a lot of bear space in the middle of my

glove which means there's going to be no

rebounding from the ball hitting the

glove with my hand behind the pocket and

if you look at my hand there's two basic

ways I can squeeze my hand I can create

a u and work around the baseball or I

can create a V my goal is to create a u

and to pinch around the baseball as it

enters my glove when I set my glove down

when I come into the dugout or I'm done

for the day I'm gonna lay my glove down

in a manner such as this to make sure

that I train my glove to stay open and

remain in that you shape position