How to Bat Left-Handed

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question says how to hit left-handed

well the answer to that is the same as

how to hit right-handed the exact same

fundamental is applied to a left-handed

hitter that applies to a right-handed

hitter the same approach to hitting is

going to be almost exactly the same

depending on whether it's a right-handed

or left-handed pitcher but basically to

hit left-handed you're going to be just

standing on the the left-handed side of

the plate as it's viewed from the

pitcher's mound left-handed batter is on

this side of the plate with the plate in

front of him instead of being over in

the other right-handed batters box and

basically the same fundamentals apply

we're going to get a good stance with

our knees inside our feet we're going to

take a negative move to gain momentum

with our hands going slightly behind it

about even with their shoulder our

weight loaded up on our back foot being

careful not to get our back knee back

over our foot but keeping our knees

inside our foot we're going to make a

toe touch we're going to at heel plant

we're going to turn our back knee in the

hips and the knee will go before the bat

goes we're going to connect the swing

the upper body lower by having the elbow

go right under your hands the left left

palm will be palm up throughout the rest

of the swing we'll take the knob of the

bat right to the plane of the ball at

this point our back foot should be

totally rotated up on our back toe we're

going to make contact with a firm front

side our front right leg firm our back

knee bent in this position with our arms

still bent at this point in time we're

going to throw the bat to a position of

the extension chest high and finish with

our shoulders reversed in our hands and

the bat above our back shoulder and

that's basically the same fundamentals I

would describe for a right-handed hitter

so how to become a left-handed hitter

the same that you would weigh you'd

become a right-handed hitter you develop

the correct fundamentals of the swing

try to stay on the plane with the ball

and hit from the left side and basically

that's how to be a left-handed hitter