How to Grip the Barbell to Press More Without Wrist Pain (Bench Press, Incline Press, Overhead)

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how will lift up grips the barbell

during pressing exercises can have a big

impact on the long-term health for their

wrist joints it can also affect how much

weight they can move a poor barbell grip

when pressing heavy weights can put the

wrist in a compromised position

eventually leading to wrist injury and

since our goal is to maximize muscle and

strength gains it is important we

maintain healthy joints in order to

resist strain in this video I'm gonna

show you a barbell grip that will pull

you in a mechanically advantageous

position so you can move the most weight

possible while maintaining healthy

wrists there are two things you want to

accomplish with how we grip the barbell

the first is to make sure the bar is in

line with the forearm and the elbows

during the press this is referred to as

stacking the joints and we'll put you in

the strongest position to press the

weight the second is to make sure that

the wrist is not bent backwards there's

one of the most common reasons people

experience wrist pain from pressing

exercises and it can eventually lead to

injury the grip that we're gonna use is

known as the Bulldog grip well look at

how this is done in the bench press but

first we'll see how it's done with the

overhead press here are the simple steps

for using this grip first is to slide

the bar down your hand until it makes

contact with the top of the base of your

palm next is to turn your hand in

slightly so the bar sits in the natural

groove of the base of your palm third is

to grip the bar with your fingers around

it or digging into the bar the same

steps can be used for the barbell bench

press we want to slide the bar down to

the base of your palm you want to turn

your hand in slightly and you want to

grip the bar firmly when I first learned

the Bulldog grip from a strength and

conditioning coach at my local gym it

didn't feel comfortable and it took a

few sets of pressing to get used to but

once I got the hang of it the grip felt

much better than my wrist stayed in a

straight strong position so one point

that I didn't get to mention in the

video mainly because I didn't have

footage to demonstrate it was you know

some people have a concern that when

they use the Bulldog grip on the bench

press that their elbows flare out and

that can put your shoulder in a

compromised position possibly getting

the shoulder impingement so learn

response to that is if you're gonna use

a bulldog grip we got hands are

strutting about like this

you still need to retract your scapula


elbows in as much as you can right so

the thing to do is establish your grip

and do the Bulldog grip establish and

have a firm time while holding on to

that we're tractor scapula and bring

your elbows down until you feel your

shoulder is back in a safe position and

your elbows are in the right place that

way you sort of get to take advantage of

both and that's something that I use all

the time and i haven't added any

shoulders and coat issues since so you

guys enjoy that video as always give it

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