Bradley Martyn - Squat tutorial Bar Placement/Hand placement

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what's going on guys we got oh we're

good okay so what I'm gonna go over in

this video is bar placement for the

squat now this is already too low for me

though I think I got to bring it up to

this legit I should I should finish it

up Joe you wanna come over here for a

second okay so I just fix it and make

sure the height was right for me now

that's not for you guys to understand

too when you're setting up for the squat

you don't want to be too low you

shouldn't be having to like do a squat

to get it off of the rack and there's

Martian behind up that you have to that

you have to tip your toe you should be

able to get right under the bar a slight

bend in your knee

it should be clean it should be clean

you shouldn't feel like you have to come

tippy-toe up or you have to get into

like a spot to get it down so she come

off up and up hi guys so I'm going to

show you what different bar plays guitar

and the purpose of this video seriously

doing the high bar so it's gonna be a

little bit higher not all the way up and

right in that mid-range so I'll show you

the three different bar positions

starting with high bar

so for the purpose of this video guys I

want you to be in that mid that mid

range I'll show you that one more time

now along with that guys will be hand

placement so hand placement is important

because sometimes you may not have

enough flexibility and like your front

delt or your rear delts to get close

enough but you want to get as close as

you can because the closer you can kind

of bring your elbows in the more you'll

naturally create like a tight upper back

and that's important because they're

having to tight up our back and

translate into a tighter lower back so

that you won't when you're in the squat

you won't have that rounding forward so

you can stay upright

okay so hand placement for me is going

to look like this for you guys it could

be a little wider but the best you can

get as close as you can in for a tighter

upper back

another thing guys a lot of people like

to do like a thumbless grip so they

won't be able to hold the weight like

this not like this do the best you can

if you're more comfortable with the

thumbless that's fine but do your best

to squeeze the bar so when you're

holding the bar they don't just let it

rest on your upper back really squeeze

the bar whether your hand be like this

or like this squeeze the bar tight and

it'll help also keep your upper back

tight again to keep that lower back in

line so hope that helped