3 Secrets to EASY Barre Chords

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bar chords are notorious for being hard

but they don't have to be so in this

video I'm gonna share with you three

secrets that I like to use to make bar

chords buzz free clean and consistent

and at the end I'm going to share with

you a little bonus to show you how you

can make any chord on the guitar neck

with 1 bar chord shape all that right

after this this acoustic guitar a quick

win is brought to you by tony's acoustic

challenge comm i'm tony Policastro from

tony's acoustic challenge calm where

we're all about expanding our quality of

life through music and having as much

fun as possible with our guitars and now

one way one surprising way to have as

much fun as possible with your guitar is

refining your bar chords I'm gonna use

the F chord the dreaded full f chord and

that has your index finger laying across

the first fret from the low e to the

high e your ring finger on the 3rd fret

of the a-string pinky finger on the 3rd

fret of the D and your middle finger on

the 2nd fret of the g fretting all those

strings that's a bar chord


it's beautiful - beautiful thing but it

definitely involves some strength so let

me share with you my first tip

oftentimes with Barre chords the high

strings start to sound kinda like that

and you think gosh well I'm pressing so

hard with my index finger why can't i

fret these strings it's driving me crazy

well oftentimes when trying to do Barre

chords you approach it with a flat index

finger using kind of the I don't know

that we'll call it the meaty part of

your index finger I don't want you to

actually fret with that part I want you

to rotate your finger to the outside to

the bony part of your index finger this

is gonna give you a harder fretting

surface and better contact with the

strings hence allowing you to make those

higher strings ring nice and clear the

second thing I want to share with you is

something that's a little bit well it's

just not so obvious actually gonna use

your picking hand more specifically

you're picking arm to make your bar

chords cleaner here's how you do it

so Barre chords again involve a lot of

strength and and really truly our left

hand only has so much strength to give

and if you do Barre chords for a long

time it gets fatigued rather quickly but

it's not all up to your fretting hand

you might be one of those players that

just struggles with getting consistent

Barre chords because of the strength

factor and what you can do is take your

picking hand again more specifically

your arm and where your arm comes over

the guitar use it to kind of push on

your guitar see if I if I kind of pull

and tight here with my picking hand arm

it's pushing the guitar neck forward

well that's the kind of action you want

you want to push with your picking hand

and pull with your fretting hand this is

gonna give you a really solid feel on

your fretting hand and ultimately better

contact with the with the entire Barre

chord and a much cleaner execution of

the Barre chord

so now you might be thinking well okay

tone that's great but bar chords are

still really difficult for me and I

can't get it I get it I can do these

things but it's gonna take a lot of time

and yes I agree bar chords take time so

you have to have patience but that

doesn't mean you can't play a bar chord

right now there's nothing wrong with

playing part of a bar chord and that's

my third trick is partial chords are

just as effective as full chords this is

a huge behemoth of a chord it's an F

chord but we can take just a piece say

let's let's just take the high four

strings of this very chord shape that's

still an F chord or you can take the low

three strings

that will work as an F chord it's

actually a power chord shape but it

still works or you can take the middle

strings and that's totally fine as well

that would be let's see the role for

this chord shape just bring your index

finger down to that B string and play

the middle strings of the guitar that's

still an F chord as well so there's way

more than one way to skin a cat with a

barre chord and just because the Barre

chord involves six strings that doesn't

necessarily mean you have to use all six

strings if it's too hard for you right

now just trim that full chord shape down

to something that's a little bit more

manageable that you can use right away

it's not a cheat it's totally acceptable

and I fully endorse it which brings me

to my final tip bar chords why do we

have to learn him anyway well Barre

chords are extremely effective because

with one shape you can play any chord on

the guitar neck any single chord let's

take that again this F chord for an

example this is a specific shape and

it's a Barre chord meaning that's a

fully closed chord all the strings are

fretted which means it's movable and

this shape has a root and to define that

a little bit more specifically that root

is the note we turn to to name the chord

this is an F chord that means the root

of this chord is an F and we need to

understand the root location which

happens to be on the low E string so I'm

fretting an F note on that low E string

and if I play that shape it's an F chord

so if I move this chord shape let's say

I move it up two frets to the third fret

it's no longer an F chord it's now a G


why because I look to the root and the

note I'm playing is a G note same shape

different chord I could do that all the

way up the neck if I move it up to more

frets that becomes an a chord because I

consult the root it's an a note same

shape it's an a chord so effectively by

learning one Barre chord shape you can

play any chord on the guitar neck and

honestly I think that's pretty darn cool

as tough as Barre chords can be

hopefully I've made them much more

simple for you and now you see a little

bit further down the road at how

useful bar chords actually truly can be

and now I hope you totally dug this

lesson and if you did I want to hear

about it in the comments below and of

course if I forgot any tips or tricks

that you like to use please share them

in the comments below it'll help

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