How to Hold a Baitcasting Rod

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whoa haha this is a good fish either

that or he just hit it like he's a good

fish Oh yep it's a good one

oh come on man these Florida bass fight

I love being the plantation what's up

guys this is gene Jensen and today we're

gonna talk about how to properly hold a

rod to give you the most leverage and

the best feel on your fish



all right so how to hold your fishing

rod mainly a baitcaster for this video

but first of all I see a lot of people

doing this a ton of different ways and

this is the way I do it's a way I found

that gives you the most leverage and the

best sensitivity when you're holding

your fishing rods so I know this is

called a trigger and I see a lot of guys

even some little elite pros holding it

with their trigger finger on the trigger

this is not a gun this is a fishing rod

the best way that I found to hold it is

instead of putting that trigger right up

here you actually slide it between your

ring finger and your little finger this

accomplishes a lot of different things

but mainly what it accomplishes is that

it gives you more leverage the further

back your hand is on the handle the less

leverage unless you're able to put that

the butt of the rod under your arm the

less you're able to put it in your gut

the less you're able to get a good hook

set on on a bass and also it also puts

you way up front gives you a bigger

handle being your fishing reel is a

bigger handle gives you more control

over the rod you're able to work your

baits a little bit better and also it

makes it possible for you to either put

your finger right up on the blank and

feel it or what I like to do is you'll

see me reach up and grab my line just

like this and when I'm dragging a worm

really really slowly when the bites

really really light I can feel every

single bite just by sliding my finger up

on that line just like this but you'll

find you'll get better hook sets you'll

be able to fight a fish better you'll

have more control over your rod if you

just slide your hand up the rod and

slide that trigger in between your ring

finger and your little finger that's it

it's just that simple but uh be sure to

subscribe to this channel but like I

always say be sure to enter somebody -

fishing introduce them to my channel let

me help you teach them how to fish more

importantly get out on the water go out

and catch some fish and have a great day

we'll see