Badminton : Proper Racket Grip in Badminton

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hi my name is Nia Tran I'm a coach here

at East Bay badminton Association today

we're going to talk about proper grips

work for the sport the things you need

will be a racket this would be the

proper forehand grip as you can see the

racket is pointing downwards rather than

flat and this would be the proper

backhand grip with my thumb on the flat

end of the racket to start if you're

right-handed put your right hand on the

racket face and from there

slide the racket down until you hit the

grip close it with the first three

fingers put your thumb above the middle

finger and your hand should now form a V

with the racket grip it's really similar

to shaking somebody's hand as you're

holding this racket right now but with

the forehand grip it allows you to get

into proper position as you turn out the

racket and swing with your wrists

without anything blocking or hurting

your wrist to do the backhand grip all

you have to do is start with the

forehand grip and switch it by putting

the pointing finger down and the thumb

on the flat end of your racket this

gives you a nice backhand push but it

wouldn't do you any good for overhead

backhand shots so for the backhand grips

all you have to do is push with your

thumb out with the racket facing forward

the thumb will help you push the shots

forward and give you power at a very

very close space for an overhead

backhand grip you'll have to hold your

thumb on the groove that's unangan to

your grip right here by holding it here

in does to purpose the first it allows

you to swing a full power without having

any restrictions on your wrist and it

gives you a directional choice you can

hit straight or cross a lot easier

how'd you use any other grip with your

racket my name is Nia Tran and I'm a

coach here at East Bay Badminton

Association if you would like to play or

learn more about the sport you can visit

us on our web at WWF a battement and