HOW WE CURED BABY'S REFLUX + FAQs | Symptoms, Diet Changes, Breastfeeding, Sleeping, and More!

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okay Charlie you got to talk about your

reflux hey guys today I'm going to talk

about a topic that a lot of you have

asked me questions about which is my son

Charlie's acid reflux I know this topic

isn't going to be interesting all of you

but to those of you who have asked

questions been like a very frequently

asked topic I think it'll be hopefully

helpful for those of you who are looking

for this information I'm sitting here

with Charlie do you want to say hi those

bowls are his favorite toy huh okay so

the first thing that a lot of you want

to know is how did we know that he had

acid reflux we really didn't know that

that's what it was it wasn't like an

obvious thing we found out at his

one-month appointment pediatrician the

symptoms that he had were he he would

cry all the time it was you know

basically like colic type symptoms he

would sometimes do this kind of like

grunty cry he always seemed


the main thing though that the

pediatrician asked was does he arch his

back a lot like after he eats and just

kind of like in general when he's crying

and he used to do that a lot and our

pediatrician said that's kind of like a

telltale sign of acid reflux I should

say I'm not a medical person - also

don't take any of this as medical advice

I'm just sharing our experience what's

funny is he really didn't spit up much

in the early days so he had something

that they call I guess silent reflux

which means the acid is coming up so

it's really uncomfortable and makes him

cry but it's not coming up far enough

that they actually spit up which I don't

know might actually be worse as he got

older he would actually spit up very

frequently but in the early days he

didn't he just cried a lot worse had

died remember okay so after the doctor

diagnosed him as having acid reflux he

was put on zantac from what I understand

that's basically it what the doctors

usually do is they'll put them on either

zantac or I think prevacid or something

like that one of the questions that I

asked the doctor at the very first

doctor's appointment

I was and breastfeeding was could it be

something in my diet that's causing this

and our doctor was like don't worry

about that because the chance of that

causing it is really small and you're

gonna just be going down a rabbit hole

trying to figure out all these different

things cutting all these different

things out of your diet and his belief

was sort of like when that works for

people it's more of a coincidence than

anything because it's just like oh they

got older and they grew out of it it

wasn't really the diet changed his

opinion was that it's just something he

would grow out of and another thing was

I had something called overactive

letdown when my milk would let down when

I was feeding him sometimes it would

kind of like choke him and so I told the

doctor that too and so he thought that

was a big contributing problem part of

the problem so he thought like once he

got older and he would be able to handle

that better and like once they get older

you know they start sitting up and

things so he thought it was just an

amazing row out of we put him on the

zantac and noticed an improvement like

when you first got on it but it was a

short-lived improvement those first like

four months I want to say we're so hard

because it's so hard to have a crying

beat like a non-stop crying baby and the

first thing months everyone's like oh it

might just be colic you know and cut

like usually around three months call it

gets a lot better but his just was not

getting better at all and every time we

go to the doctor I would ask again like

are you sure I shouldn't try cutting

something out of my diet and sometimes I

would anyway just on my own so because I

read and like a lot of my friends and

stuff said that they had cut different

things out when they were breastfeeding

one of the most common things that

people have to cut out is dairy and so I

would try petting out dairy for like a

week and I really wouldn't notice a

difference and because that was such a

difficult thing for me to cut out if I

wasn't noticing any improvement I would

be like well screw it this isn't the

problem so then I would just go back to

eating normal and then one day I read a

lot I was on a forum or something I feel

like I lived on the forums and people

were saying that cutting out caffeine

really helped and at the time I was

drinking probably 2 cups of coffee a day

but I was like at my wit's end at this

point so I tried cutting out

and I noticed a really big improvement

when I cut out the coffee and so I was

like oh shoot like the coffee was the


I cut out caffeine out of my diet anyone

who knows me knows that was not easy

especially you know the mom of a baby

like you you need your cup of coffee I'm

drinking decaf right now I it was worth

it to me to just have him feeling better

like I said I noticed a big improvement

it wasn't completely gone

so that was one okay I'm gonna try

cutting out dairy again and so when I

cut out the dairy the that time after

also cutting out caffeine that was what

eventually completely cured his reflux

and I still now can't have any dairy

apparently a lot of babies are sensitive

to milk protein so it's not lactose

intolerance its milk protein so you

really it's not like you can have

lactose free stuff you can't have

anything with milk in it and there is a

surprising amount of stuff with milk in

it's just the most random stuff like you

have to check the ingredients on every

processed food I always have to look up

before I go like to a restaurant that

was what cured it for us it was caffeine

and dairy I've noticed lately he's

almost seven months old now that I can

have a little bit of caffeine now where

I couldn't before but I still can't have

dairy and so my doctor was wrong about

that and maybe he maybe what he said is

true for a lot of people but in our case

it what really was a diet thing it

wasn't a coincidence because like I said

even now if I accidentally yesterday I

accidentally had something that had a

little bit of butter in it and he happy

got reflux

he started spitting up also just

spitting up isn't enough to say that

they have reflux if they have reflux

it's this like burning so there's

something that people call like being a

happy spitter

so some babies they'll just like spit up

and they'll like smile afterwards or

they'll spit up and they just kind of

don't even notice it they just keep

going spitting up is pretty normal but

if they have reflux they will cry they

will scream they will like like kind of

do this grunty cry but if you're dealing

with this

that's those are the first few things

that I would try cutting out because

those really made a difference for me

now some people their babies are

sensitive to all kinds of stuff your

baby can be sensitive to gluten eggs soy

I would try dairy first because that's

the most common ones another thing I

wanted to talk about is the fact that he

gained so much weight so Charlie is a

real chunker which I love because I

think he's adorable um but he is like

off the charts as far as his weight so

in those early days he was nursing some

days around the clock it was exhausting

it was I don't know if you've ever heard

of cluster heating cluster feeding is

when they're like going through a growth

spurt and they're nursing like every

hour or more sometimes and it was like

that most days breast milk is very

soothing to that and so he would get

reflux you would want to nurse to soothe

the burn and then that would give him

worse reflux so it's like an endless

vicious cycle he's a big baby anyway but

the reason he got so big because he was

non-stop nursing some babies will stop

nursing all together and they'll like go

on a hunger strike because they I guess

put two and two together is that they

don't want anything else going in when

they've got acid reflux so you can kind

of have one of two problems there it has

gotten a lot better now that he can sit

up to he just seems a lot more

comfortable sitting up oh that's another

thing I wanted to talk about acid reflux

babies don't like to lay flat on their

back because if you've ever had acid

reflux which the only time I have was

when I was pregnant you don't like to

lay back because you're feeling this

like burn and this like something coming

up and your throat it's just not

comfortable you want to be sitting up if

you have a newborn you know they have to

sleep on their back that's like a big

thing but one thing that we found that

helped and again not a medical person

though I'm not like I'm just saying this

is what we did was we he would sleep in

the rock and play the rock and play has

a little bit of an angle to it so I

think that made him more comfortable and

he slept in there for quite a while but

technically you're not supposed to let

them sleep in there I don't know I feel

like a lot of people do though because

of that reason our doctor said you can

also put like a wedge behind them

but that didn't make enough of a

difference for him we would try like the

swing he had to be held all the time not

only held like usually held standing up

a lot because even one lay down so we

got like this expensive swing and he

hated it always hated it never did come

around to liking it I think that he fell

asleep in there one time and after the

fact I read that's because it's kind of

obvious now but like if they're swinging

it kind of sloshes around the acid which

is not a good feeling they don't like

swings they don't like laying down so

yeah it's just funny because I've had a

lot of people tell me like oh if you

think the new born days are hard just

wait because when they're a newborn all

they do is lay there and sleep they just

want to sleep and eat and I'm like not

my newborn like if you're if your baby

has acid reflux trust me

that's not gonna be your experience so

yeah I hope this answers some of you

guys's questions and if any of you are

dealing with this or wondering if your

baby has reflux or maybe you've been

diagnosed your baby's been diagnosed

with reflux then you want to know like

tips I really hope that this was helpful

if you have any questions just let me

know in the comment section and thanks

so much for watching this video guys

I'll see you my next one bye