Diapering your baby

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every parent has to change approximately

5 million diapers so I think it would be

great to go over how I like to change

diapers this is something you'll get

good at doing in the complete pitch

blackness of night because you'll learn

that if you wake the baby fully during

diaper changes they're gonna stay awake

for hours here's how I do it

find the diaper get the shirt out of the

way so that you don't have a messed up

set of beautiful clothes then I put the

diaper the clean diaper underneath the

baby so that if they wet while I'm

changing there's something underneath to

catch it then I take away the dirty

diaper fold it down so again I'm working

on a surface now that I'm going to throw

out four little girls it's important to

wipe from the front to the back being

gentle fold the wipe over again so

you're always wiping with something

clean front to back for little girls

it's not important to pull their labia

apart and try to clean all the lubricant

from between their labia you want to

just get the outside portion of their

body clean a couple of wipes is usually

enough then I take my little dirty

diaper away and I have a clean diaper

left that I'll bring up and I like to

diaper kids fairly tightly to avoid

leaking later this little one is a

little bit small for these diapers but

not for long

you're gonna be huge before you know it

so I bring the tabs around so that it

looks about like this on the abdomen

just nice clothes fitting and that's it