How to hold a baby while breastfeeding?

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hi I'm Sonali and I'm a pregnancy and

post-delivery counselor my work is with

pregnant mothers and I work with them

during pregnancy and the post delivery I

think the most anxious moment for a new

mother is when she holds her baby in her

arms for the first time now when I'm

looking at holding a newborn

they look so fragile they look so tiny

and I'm so scared but let's give you a

few quick tips it's very important to

support your baby's neck and spine so

when you are lifting your baby the first

thing you're going to do is place one

hand right under your baby's neck and

then place the other hand under the

lower back and this way you can then

either hold your baby like this or even

hold the baby upright

naturally as time passes and you become

more efficient and more comfortable and

more relaxed you might also be able to

do this with just one hand so you could

hold the baby like this or you could

hold the baby in this fashion also in

this way you will have your second hand

free to actually reach out for a few

necessary things like maybe a nappy or a

drink of water for yourself if you want

to hold the baby upright then holding

the baby like this and balancing the

baby with the crook of your elbow can be

a very helpful position as well

breastfeeding is very very important we

call it liquid gold every baby and every

mother should give a fair shot as far as

breastfeeding is concerned let's talk

about a few positions that you could use

while breastfeeding your little one

first and foremost make yourself

absolutely comfortable whether it's the

bed or a chair or the couch once you're

comfortable bring your baby to you while

breastfeeding it is important that the

baby is turned towards you the baby has

to face where he needs to eat so what

we're telling you is that baby has to be

tummy to tummy mom's tummy to baby's

tummy once you have the baby turned

towards you there are various positions

you could look at the cradle hold where

the baby is in the same arm and at the

same breast another position that is

very comfortable for new mothers is the

cross cradle hold here the buttocks of

the baby are in the crook of your arm

and you were supporting the baby's head

with your hand and offering the opposite

breast to the baby a third position is a

c-section position which we call the

football hold here we are going to hold

the baby on this side again note the

baby's tummy is to the mothers tummy

again the baby's buttocks are in the

crook of your arm and you were offering

the breast to the baby if you are tired

and you are really really exhausted you

might also want to feed in a lying down

position but remember you can't fall

asleep you will have to be alert and

awake so if there is somebody to

supervise you then feeding in a lying

down position is also completely safe so

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