How to deal with Infant Gas

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hi I'm dr. Dina I'm a mom of three young

boys and a pediatrician I love sharing

kids health information let's face it

every baby gets fussy sometimes

typically until four to six weeks of age

babies have many fussy periods while

reaching hours in the evening time when

you just can't settle them and you're

not sure what to do so these are some

easy tricks that will help your baby

soothe a little bit better and four

leave any discomfort they might have on

their tummy

starting with baby massage so talk with

your baby lying on his or her back and

do a belly massage this helps alleviate

constipation and colic and makes them a

lot happier take some olive oil or

petroleum jelly or baby oil or coconut

oil which is my favorite put on your

hands warm them up really nicely and you

take your baby's tummy and you massage

it with a bit of pressure at a clockwise

direction oftentimes babies will have a

big poo or let out a lot of gas and your

relieving some of the uncomfortable

feeling within the tummy similarly you

can by cycle your baby's legs around

like this and now will help relieve some

of the pressure on the tummy next using

certain whole except the pressure on the

tummy so very important that you don't

leave your baby sleeping on his or her

tummy that could pose a risk of

suffocation or sudden infant death

syndrome very important but when your

baby's awake if you play with them or

hold them in certain ways putting a

little bit of pressure on the tummy that

often relieves colic so you want to pick

your baby up really gently holding the

sides of the chin with what of your

hands and then supporting the neck and

the back with another hand and you could

either hold them like this I find dads

are particularly good at this because

they have longer forms and this way

you're supporting your baby's neck in

their back but they're getting some

pressure on their tummy which could be

really comforting you could rub their

back or massage their head a lot of

babies like this position or what

obviously be careful not to drop your

baby for moms and other people that want

to use it this way you can hold your

baby this way over top of your thigh

again supporting your baby's chin and

head with good support and pressure a

little bit from your thigh onto your

baby's tummy

next you can use over-the-counter

medicines things like ripe water which

have chamomile and other herbs in it

that can help alleviate some colic as

well as simethicone which is

over-the-counter way of busting up the

gas bubbles we think that could be very

helpful or probiotic drops now

probiotics are healthy bacteria some

people think that colic or upset

stomachs it's from the bad bacteria

overpopulating in the intestines and not

allowing enough good bacteria to

populate probiotics is putting back

those healthy bacteria into the gut to

outnumber the bad bacteria but the most

important thing is prevention as much as

you can like I said many babies up to 4

to 6 weeks of age have colic

periodically and upset tummies but if

you feed them smaller amounts more

frequently as opposed to big huge

amounts infrequently and might help

their tummy feel better

some babies benefit from a dairy-free

diet or from using a formula that's more

broken down and if that's the case you

should talk to your doctor about that

for my trials what I did was I went

dairy-free while I was breastfeeding

baby J had something called cow's milk

protein intolerance he used to get

bloody diarrhea and a big upset tummy

every time I ingested any dairy some

babies have that and if they do please

talk to your doctor to make sure that

you're having an adequate nutrition and

giving your baby the best formula or

breast milk that you can and that's an

easy way to relieve colic and babies

what are other ways to make your baby

feel comfortable when they're fussy

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