Help Baby to Poop Instantly | How to Get Baby to Poop

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people become an you put becoming people

begat me four people become poor people

becoming poor people become hey guys so

today we are gonna be showing you how to

get out babies poop instantly somebody's

because you a little Krishna patient

till he's been wanting a lot so we're

gonna do some massages some bicycles and

it really does help baby to poo I would

say within 20 minutes it helps a lot

because it loosens up everything inside

so we're gonna do some Daisy Doo ID


ready so we start with the circle let's

just bend their legs and now we must uh

it's just a little bit of pressure I put

my thumb on the opposite side and then

this is a regular hand on this side and

try to massage it's doubly true didn't

need to be doing just massage the tummy

but I like to just take my thumb and

massage all around kind of pinpointing

it ruling everywhere all over yeah

then just want to use legs and kind of

push them forward towards the stomach

helping to signal sometimes they'll even

and we make baby fart that's how you

know you're doing it correctly ah you

gotta me yeah and then one leg at a time

no you just press it a little bit just a

little pressure good boy

and then I do the opposite put my hand

thumb on this side and the rest my

fingers on the other side opposite of

what it is the first time oh well oh wow

good job isn't gonna help baby to poo

and that grunting no more if you're nice

too much salt baby's tummy feels softer

which means guess what Whoopie cami

I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I

really hope it helps you a little once

to poo

thank you guys and we'll see you in the

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