NEW Baby Snapping Turtle!

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this right here is a cute adorable you

know baby common snapping turtle we're

gonna start setting up his new closure

you know what guys I think he's looking

for something to eat happy pizza we've

got for my little turtle this is the

best spiciest meatball around a frozen

pod a pinkie Mouse sorry guys

looks like Santa dropped off a little

more this time not just did I get a nice

big white Burdine spider but look at

this I gotta be honest this was a gift

to myself

I actually got Joey one as well this

right here is a cute adorable little

baby common snapping turtle look cuties

look I'll put them down on my palm

you'll see them walk look at that that's

awesome so this is a common snapping

turtle called the common snapping turtle

because they're commonly found

throughout all the northern United

States and South America as well

now the alligator snapping turtle that's

only found in the southeastern United

States as a protected species in most

areas and here in the state of Florida

they're endangered and you need a

license to own them and use them for

educational purposes I don't have that

permit right now so right now I just

have a cute little captive bred common

snapping turtle he is so cute right now

he's knocked that bitey cuz he's a baby

once he reaches about that size he's

gonna start biting everything up he's

gonna start biting everything a lot he's

gonna get a little a little crazy but

I'm honestly not prepared to set him up

so let me go get my equipment and start

getting him a nice up around it up what

do you guys think we should name him

look how cute he is look at that cute

little neck I have a super long neck so

they can sleep in the swamp and some

shallow water bringing their head up get

a breath and go back to sleep look at

that what a cute little guy awesome

let me put him right back in the water

and we're gonna start setting up his new


alright guys so what I'm gonna use is

pool filter sand

Joey slam suggested this to me this is

what he uses for his fish tanks and he

says it works great cheap you guys

should check it out pool filter sands

but the big thing is you gotta make sure

you clean it out a lot so what he taught

me is that you put it in a bucket like

this you just don't hold that stand in


there we go and then you stick the hose

right inside come check this out it's

nice and just like that and what happens

is the buckets gonna keep overflowing

and it's gonna push all that nasty dirt

and dust out of there so when you put it

in the fish tank

you don't have that nasty mud color so

we're gonna leave this like that for

about an hour let's cycle that nasty

stuff out we're gonna come back to it

now guys we're waiting for that pool

sand to filter out and get all and clean

let's talk about this little snapping

turtle for a second now snapping turtle

is common snapping turtles to be

specific they get anywhere from 25 to 35

pounds whereas the alligator snapping

turtle has been known to get over a

hundred pounds now these guys can live

to be into their 60s whereas the

alligator snapping turtle has been known

to live well over a hundred and fifty

years old that is insane they are the

largest freshwater turtle in North

America now what's really crazy is where

the alligator snapping turtle is an

animal that sits and waits for its prey

to come to him because he has a lure in

science mouth which lures the fish over

into his mouth free chops them down the

common snapping turtle hunts down his

prey and he scan jiz so if he sees baby

ducks oh are you okay you okay buddy

okay so if he sees baby ducks on the

surface of the water he'll extend his

neck out like that we'll shoot out and

grab the baby duck pull it under and rip

it apart common snapping turtles the

whole their prey with their mouths use

their claws and rip it to pieces and

swallow up so they are insane predators

scavengers and predators and not

signaling predators or an ambush

predator like an alligator snapping

turtle insane they got a little cute

dinosaur feet and if you look at their

tail they have spikes on the back of

that tail so cool and then spikes going

down their back that is amazing

common snapping turtles are one of my

favorite turtle species they are so

bizarre with their long necks and you

gotta love their attitude now a lot of

people say when you see a common

snapping turtle on the road there you're

saying grab by the tail that's a common

thing that people say they they say the

best and safest way to handle a snapping

turtle on the road is to grab by its

tail hold it like that and move to the

side which is actually wrong it's

attached there

fine so they grab their tail like that

all the way is being pulled up on their

vertebrae it's not good for them it's

not healthy the best thing to do is grab

them by the back side of the shell lift

them up keep yourself away from the

sides up here do not try and grab them

like an alligator snapping turtle we

grab the shell right here because they

actually can extend her neck so long

they can actually bite halfway up their

shell so never grab a common snapping

turtle up towards the front of the shell

always ground from the back side and

don't ground by the tail you don't want

to hurt them he's such a cool little

dinosaur looking look at Lisa's crawling

around he is a beast

I actually got Joey slam a common

snapping turtle as well because I know

he wanted one and I was like man these

things are too cute I gotta get myself

one as well now guys what should we name

him you think we should name this little

guy he's very active that's why I picked

him out there was about a 30 of these

little babies and I decided to get the

most active one and he caught my eye so

I picked them out and now he's my new

little baby so guys definitely comment

below let me know what you think I

should name this guy look so cute all

right let's go check out that pool say

it and see if it's nice and filtered out

so we can start setting up his new

enclosure and make them down let's go

check out that sand all right guys

crystal clear exactly what we wanted so

let me take the hose out Pro excess


let's go tank set up all right so we've

got our pool filters say it nice and

cleaned up we have a little I would say

10 gallon tank right here brand-new from

the store beautiful looking so first

thing we want to do is get some sand in

there get some sand in there and just

very gently

mess in the snake room that's noise

scene right lay a mite and it's a spicy

meatball ah well he's gonna love this

stuff because he can actually dig into

it and you can forage like you do have a

while because they look either living on

and then a lake full of sand or mud

either way they like to dig into it

forage for food sink is real good for

turtles because they can explore and dig

it up and they can hide it under it as


Florida softshell turtles or any

softshell species they love sand in

their enclosures because they like the

ferry themselves good stuff this is

gonna make the tank very beautiful then

what this darker coloration he's gonna

be popping looking very vibrant in there

that should be good that should be good

alright so put that down no and since

he's a baby I wanted just around two and

a half maybe three inches deep they'll

will be a little nice sunspot we can get

out of the water and bask if you wants

to just you know get out of water

okay one more jug should be just the

right metal water perfect exactly what I

want you can see it's still a little bit

murky but the filters can take care of

the rest of that it won't be a problem

speaking of filters right here's what I

like to use for turtles when I keep them

indoors and I'm not using a well water

system this is a great type of filter

because you can put it at the bottom and

you can felt the tank you know just a

couple inches and the culture will still

work can filter out the water so these

are great for reptiles or turtles

because you just put it right there at

the bottom sucks the floor shoots it out

a new lamp they have it about that high

she's got a beat right above that pocho

line close to the work

so let me get this set up got a filter

packet there we go and then obviously

you don't want to rinse these things out

every couple weeks because they're gonna

get fun with poop and remains of the

food that you feed these guys in

captivity common snapping turtles you

can feed chicken you can feed them rat

pups you can feed them pinky mice worms

horn worms all kinds of really good

stuff cockroaches they are like garbage

cans if it's meat they're gonna eat it

they love Guppies which is really cool

put a bunch of Guppies in there let them

swim round they're gonna start hunting

chasing them down and swelling them up

like nothing good I think that's where

it goes there we go there we go and then

they have these little suction cups to

keep the filter in place

because obviously if you've got a turtle

it's gonna be moving around it might

knock over that filter you want to make

sure it's secure so he doesn't end up

knocking this thing over coz they are

active animals and turtles are strong

they've got strong strong front and back

legs to move stuff around so you want to

make sure this is nice and secure and a

10-gallon it's gonna be fine

for up to about one we're like three

inches or so once he's that big once

these little bit bigger he's gonna move

up to a twenty young and then eventually

a nice outdoor pond I could definitely

do a water land tub like will has his

snapping turtle setup so that's probably

where this guy's gonna end up once he's

a little bit bigger


whoa the moment of truth back to me fun

that's gonna run for a little bit so I

pull out that water get rid of the rest

of that murk and then we're gonna put

that snapping turtle in there so make it

out any debris that's flowing around the




oh good boy who's a good boy as you can

see I'm not dressed up in the Christmas

wear anymore because well it took a

little longer than I thought to clear

out that Watters Merc

so the phones are actually cycled it

throughout the night we put the snapper

in already we set up the Santa's turn

away so it comes up a little bit then we

have our fasting sponsor Rach this

little light right here is not gonna

stay like that we're putting a heat lamp

over we're adding a couple live plants

we're gonna make a look nice and

beautiful put a background this is

temporary we just got this snapping girl

it's kind of like a quarantine well make

sure he's healthy watch over him there's

not too much taking up space in the tank

but come look at him he's doing great

he's been hiding under the sand just

like I said he would he's been taking

advantage of this terrain it's still a

little bit murky make sure if you guys

use that pool filter say it you really

rinse it out you wash out a whole lot

let me see if I can bring him a little

closer give me a little buddy he's so


look at amazing sterling you know what

guys I think he's looking for something

to eat and always gonna get that so let

me get dessert we've got for my little

turtle this is the best spiciest

meatball around a frozen thawed pinky

Mouse whoa

delicioso he's not gonna eat the whole

thing but there's lots of good content

inside this which is really good look at

parties Ben diggings

he's coming crazy buddy I need to borrow

you for a second I got something yummy

out here I'm gonna put him right there

so he sees everything let's see if he

goes after it


oh my goodness the jaw pressure of that

snapping turtle hey hey wait for a

little plot let's get him some more come

on oh oh you got little pieces like

that's yummy

it's more

oh what a beast this is a great meal for

snapping turn lots of protein good gut

content he's gonna start ripping that

apart you guys are gonna be the ball he

just golf in the face that is insane

look at that guy's he's a feisty little

snapping turtle

now guys don't forget comment below let

me know what you think I should name

this little beast of a turtle

oh he's going where he go oh he's gone

Oh ferocious little turtle they got a

real National Geographic up in this

piece right here he's happy he's

satisfied let me just to tell you what

happened I can't really show you

YouTube's very sensitive and they can't

handle graphic content like this he

basically ate it from the head all the

way to the waist

there is a waist legs and a tail left of

this mouse pinky so uh yeah I can't show

you guys that but I can show you that

he's very happy look don't get a shot at

that just look look look at him okay so

anyways like I said YouTube is very

sensitive to this kind of content that's

why you guys don't see for example the

young rattlesnakes when they feed on

live hoppers cuz they don't eat frozen

thawed they need live so that's what you

guys don't see stuff like that you only

see it when they're swallowing down the

students are even killed

that's really graphic it's like I said

snappers rip their food apart if it's

too big tear it in half and eat half of

it so he's happy but chandler's we want

to see no no all right guys that's gonna

be it for today thank you for joining us

on another Chandler's wild life stop

trying to look at it enjoy your

Christmas New Year's and everything

Hanukkah and Kwanzaa don't stop Dredd