How To Throw A Baby Shower with Heather Dubrow [Real Housewives]

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- I am throwing a baby shower today.

Okay, so how do you throw a baby shower

for the girliest girl that I know who's pink and sparkly

and she has two beautiful little girls

and she's having a boy?

Well, I went through lots of ideas.

Do I do a camo party?

Do I do an Army party?

Do I do boats, trains?

I go well how do I make this happen?

But sometimes you have to go with the venue

and at first I thought blue sparkly

and she loves bow ties,

but when I got here and it was so beachy and chic and clean,

I came up with another idea.

So let me take you around the room and show you what I did.

We went with the colors that were here already.

So I decided to go with the teal colors

and we just used blocks and teddy bears

and just kept it really simple.

I'm not much of a game player.

I know a lot of times at baby showers

people taste baby food and do all that kind of thing.

That's not how I roll.

So what we've done is we've made wish jars,

we have our gift table over here,

and in the corner you see the gals

are writing notes on the diapers.

Take your diapers, the little baby diapers and write notes.

So in the middle of the night when the mom is exhausted

and it's two a.m. and they're changing a diaper,

you write "Champs is on its way" or "You can do it."

It's great words of encouragement.

Here's something else fun.

This is a gal who actually reads your lipstick prints.

So you pick a lipstick and you kiss a card

and she will give you a reading

based on your lipstick print.

For Lindsay's baby shower, I decided to do cakes.

Each cake has a different flavor

and you can see it's all decorated with candy

and these are the kinds of jars.

Remember we talked about for kids parties,

we talked about those jars that you can fill with candy.

These are the same jars.

I just filled them with different candy.

Isn't that cool?

This is also a great place to take pictures.

If you don't have room for a separate photo wall,

this is a fantastic background.

So I just got regular balloons with streamers,

create a backdrop.

A personal touch is always great.

My girlfriend Lindsay that I'm throwing the party for

has a million photos and videos

of her two little girls and their family.

So I had them all put together

and played on screens in the room so everyone can enjoy.

A lot of times we've talked about budget

and you have to know where to spend the money,

where not to.

Just in keeping with this room,

just went with simple white linens, white tablecloths,

very inexpensive.

But the chairs were hideous.

So I changed the chairs.

So I went with Lucite

because when you use Lucite they kind of just disappear.

Well my guests are arriving

and so I need to go and get ready for Lindsay's arrival

and I hope you learned something fun

and that your next shower is a success.


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