Meeting Milestones – How to Help Baby Lift & Hold Head Up

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good job yeah huh how do you think and

if you feel like her you know you can

always just help her

Thunder yeah bring them right underneath

and then you might see some better head

lifting yeah sometimes it does happen

where it's kind of a splay out but it's

perfectly fine to just sort of help her

there she goes see you there yeah and

you can even like so if you want even

more head lifting you can get her

attention with this right here

and just lift it a little bit more so

she's got a push through those arms a

little bit but do you see how she's

really using her arms yeah all right

sometimes ever if you feel like she's

really trying and you want to help a

little you can just put a hand on this

bottom the stabilize here and sort of

make that weight shift comes its way a

little so it makes it easier for her