Getting a Baby's Attention for Better Pics

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you know those really cute baby photos

where the kid is looking directly in a

camera and smiling have a realize how

hard those are to get well we've got two

tips to ready your baby for their

close-up baby photo tip number one sink

your smartphone camera to a squeaky toy

first thing you'll need is a pair of

earbuds that have an inline volume

control most of these come with your

smartphone when you buy it so you plug

your earbuds in the smartphone and then

launch the smartphone's camera app

little-known trick if you press the

volume buttons on the earbuds they'll

snap the camera shutter next take your

kids favorite squeaky toy and hold the

volume control up against it with your

thumb this will let you hold the camera

in one hand and the squeaky toy on the

other when you squeeze the squeaky toy

they'll snap the camera shutter this

will let you keep your smartphones today

while you get your baby attention with

your other hand baby photo tip number to

record a silly soundtrack on your

smartphone using the basic recording app

on your smartphone you're gonna record

some funny sounds that you think a baby

might like loop the rock out with a lock

on front on the novelty of hearing your

boys play back to the smartphone make it

your baby's attention for a few more

seconds long enough to get that perfect

shot you want to leave about 10 seconds

of silence in the beginning to give

yourself time to get situated and maybe

put about five or ten seconds of space

in between each sound so the baby keeps

looking up this is a surefire way to get

your baby looking right at the camera

and looking super cute