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hey guys welcome to my channel sugarcane

today is examine title and don't -

picture but I am going to be teaching

guys how to make a IND you baby / like

toddler I don't ah to say infant um

three guys today so stay tuned and first

step you wanna do is you want to log in

or either sign her up where I shot so

they didn't changed it so I'm gonna join

you later

if it's a favorite I'm a girl obviously




so what you're done with that same I

look and you display it

in a randomly


okay anyways um create your accounts

I'll be back when I'm done okay so okay

so I am back and I just wanna see I'm

back and I just

okay my stupid when I record or




the fiber only the antisense the one

that I use Mazda just don't have any

other mother say ashes - I use our

business I use this scan so vacuum and

air to be a message I don't know is but

ever it is always wanted

trying to interrupt me while I'm trying

to show you off so I'm gonna look up


in my car look like right now

show them so does that cousin maybe low



baby Taylor I think scaler a despot

researcher oh and it's not my heart

I should have met you so I'm gonna get

off the furnace and checking out I will

be checking out because I want it then

you want to go to kids


anyways there should be like and already

I give this head or either honey but I'm

not familiar with it I don't really

think but I'll get it anyway on my

chubby anymore okay sorry my voice as it

sounds because

anyway anyways go here

so that's you try to see what body

let's start out by checking out so check

out the custom ad she probably won't be

using at but I don't know all right

I'm be using the custom baby sheet

because it's a small baby I wanna make a

basic beat ladies

this is baby


after you got that I saw their woman's

body and I got eyes

you want to get the first one you see

because it's chalk there you mean baby Q

or you could get cross eyes I'm gonna

see cuz sometimes the car sighs I'll be

looking right yeah any that way

you know so this one is more cuter

oh no that's stuck with me happens

then after that you want to go - well

I'm good eyebrows but having you yeah no

we'll go to eyebrows because I rather I

look for is not here so then I go to

accessories to get my so I get little

diamond say let's work through whatever

you like




why does it go to

I got a body good


I'll sit down







take out everything that's not even

look what happened

I need air and I'm see what'll be max I

don't want to be



all right well I got everything I need


yeah I'm gonna go to avatar sorry if I'm

taking so long to get her outfit but

yeah I'm trying to get you looking for



okay here we are okay that one's cute

that is not even that is nobody I don't

want this I visit the baby out Willa's

hot where touch baby I'm gonna be babe

I'll get this cool girl right you have

that one okay okay now I go here to the



changes her




okay something found out say to you wow

this is so cute y'all okay we are I'm

all done here sorry I'm taking so long

but this is really cute now yeah this is

the final look but I'm gonna go find it

she kicks down to bind

this is just as cute right here just

this is cute right here oh it's cute

okay this is outfit

okay so make sure you like comment

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comment down below with y'all no more

videos like this and I want to do a

tutorial on how to add a background

cause people like any background sued

stuff instead of this great wall they

put it back here so gray background I

don't like it so yeah I will do a

tutorial on that if y'all like me to

comment down below and stay tuned for