Newborn Burping Techniques

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one of the necessary but somewhat

frustrating things that new parents talk

about is burping their baby it raises

all sorts of questions including how to

when to what if there's no burp how hard

do you pat and so forth that's why we

made this video series to help with at

home newborn care this video will cover

burping techniques my name is Gladys and

I am a maternity nurse specialist for

parent education at NYU Langone Medical

Center burping your baby isn't always

easy actually many new parents consider

it a challenge we're going to

demonstrate two burping techniques over

the shoulder and on the lap will answer

some frequently asked questions remember

that the reason you burp your baby is to

release gas this is the air that the

baby may have taken in during a feeding

babies feel better after burping and the

activity helps stimulate the baby to

four the over-the-shoulder technique you

can either do this sitting or standing

try them both out and see which works

best for you and your baby or you can

alternate sitting and standing to start

hold the baby up on your chest so the

baby is facing toward you with your arm

tucked under the baby's bottom for

support you'll want to put a burping

cloth over your shoulder in case the

baby spits up use your dominant hand to

gently but firmly pat your baby's back

between the shoulders working your way

up and down you can also rub the baby's

back after several paths after a while

you'll get to know your baby you'll

learn what seems to work best keep in

mind that breastfed babies tend to burp

less because they take in less air and

bottle fed babies and sometimes babies

don't burp at all which is perfectly

normal burp your baby for about a minute

and then continue feeding if your baby

seems upset and is crying try standing

or rocking your

maybe or talking to your baby the second

technique is where your baby is sitting

on your lap placing a burp cloth on your

leg the position looks like this you can

use either leg with a baby facing either

way notice that one open hand is holding

the baby's jaw the forefinger and thumb

are used as a sort of wedge with the

palm supporting the chest using firm but

gentle pressure tilt and support the

baby's head up a little at first it may

seem a little awkward but after some

practice it will be second nature

remember that there is nothing wrong if

the baby does not burp every time and if

the baby spits up just wipe and continue

again use your dominant hand to gently

but firmly pat your baby's back between

the shoulders working your way up and

down as we mentioned you can also rub

the baby's back after several paths one

common question parents ask is how often

to burp their baby during a feeding we

recommend burping your baby after the

baby feeds with each breast but if you

have expressed your breast milk and

someone else is feeding the baby try

half way through and again after the

feeding you may notice that if your baby

starts to fuss while feeding this may

indicate the need to burp be patient as

you learn what your baby needs and likes

burping your baby is another activity

that gives you hands-on contact as you

touch hold and talk with your baby all

of this adds to the bonding experience

as you gain experience burping your baby

will also be a confidence booster for

you after all there's nothing like

experience and we hope this at home

newborn care video has helped