How To Bathe A Baby In The Shower Tips For Dads

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well not everyone has the time or the

patience for a baby back so today I'm

going to show you how to shower with

your baby so sometimes you're home alone

your wife is gone away sometimes you

just need to be quick you don't have

time for a bath so I'm gonna show you

how to shower with your baby and a

couple of things before you even take

the baby from the cradle and undressing

so make sure you get your towel you know

and arm's reach because you're going to

need it afterwards and make sure that

your showerhead is more or less shoulder

height because you're going to be cute

in your baby under the shower and then

just put the water pressure to the

minimum like in the temperature set and

everything going before you take the

baby so make sure your when your baby's

real tight

Teddy's length and all times when you're

doing this make sure that the water

temperature is ready for using her or


from this position you can have the

freedom to watch and watch every single

detail of the day can keep you warm by

keeping them under the shower

and when you're Charlotte's very

comfortable cousin to babysit eat or


Thunder screaming your home full of

bacteria and windstar done with this

time you're just going to turn your baby

around which is quite simple the hand

you're supporting the baby is going to

be supporting it again just make sure

you put the other hand under new baby

put the other hand open and just take

his back then you can wash his back

st. Peter's been watching the pump then

last but not least like a baby shampoo

cover your baby

I'm going to put the links down below

for the products we use I don't make any

money on this unfortunately for those

have proven to be good products

let's race it make sure you cover his

face again

and then once you're done

get your tell the baby the same

procedure of them did for plug your baby

from the bottom

you're gonna find it showering with the

baby is more than practical it's

actually a really good bonding

experience so I hope you enjoy this

video make sure to subscribe to get more

tips for that and if you have some

questions or comments please leave them

in the box below so I can make a video

for you other than that just enjoy your