How do I bath my baby? | NHS

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my suggestion of how often you should

bath your baby is two to three times a

week that's our recommendation however

if you want to bath your baby every day

that's absolutely fine if it does

establish a routine and you like it and

baby likes it so to prepare to Bath your

baby you need to fill the bath up just

with cold water first and then add the

hot water we recommend about 8 to 10

centimeters and then to check it's the

correct temperature you use your elbow

dip your elbow into the bathwater and it

should just feel the same as your body

temperature so to top and tell your baby

before you put your baby into the bath

we need to strip your baby off down to

the nappy and then we wrap your baby in

a towel using the water that you've

already run for the bath we will clean

your baby's face with cotton wool use a

fresh piece of cotton wool for each eye

to avoid infection and the same goes for

your babies is make sure that you clean

underneath your baby's chin also and

then we'll move on to the bottom we'll

use clean cotton wool dip it in the

water wipe your baby's bottom wipe the

excess away make sure you've cleaned it

in between the folds and that your

baby's bottom is nice and dry before you

put your baby into the bath we need to

make sure that your baby's secure so you

put one hand underneath your baby's

shoulders and neck and the other hand

supporting your baby's bottom once your

baby's secure you can put your baby in

the bath water talking to your baby all

the time

Oakley so once bath time is over bring

your baby out of the water be careful

because babies can be very very slippy

when they're leaving the bath make sure

you put your baby straight onto the

towel and then it's really important

that you dry your baby properly all the

nooks and cranny's clean nappy clean

clothes and lots of cuddles

when you're feeling more confident with

baby birthing then you can put your baby

into the main bath but never ever leave

a baby alone in the water