How to Pick up and Hold a Guinea Pig

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hey you guys today I'm gonna do a quick

video on how to properly pick up a

guinea pig because I've seen several

videos on the internet or well on

YouTube anyway where people do not

properly pick up their guinea pigs and

this is Helen here she's the one that's

gonna be helping me and you could

probably hear her daughter over there

Nora in the cage trying to talk to her

but anyway the easiest way to pick them

up is from underneath so what you want

to do is very carefully slide your hand

underneath and you want to get their

front and their back legs at the same

time and it's kind of difficult to do

this with a phone you can see she she

licks my hands all the time doesn't

matter if they are freshly washed or

what it is I don't know what she likes

but she always looks and cleans my hands

for me anyway the big thing is to get

support under there front and back paws

now if you have one that tries to run

away from you whenever you try and pick

it up because it's scared or anything

like that the the best thing you can do

for it is to coax it into a box and then

pick it up until it trusts you however

if you don't have a box or something on

hand it is acceptable to get them

underneath like this under their

shoulders make sure make sure your

fingers are behind their front legs

because if you grab them like this then

you're actually grabbing them if you

grab them in front of their legs then

you're actually grabbing their neck and

throat and if you pick them up like that

that's really bad for them it can break

their neck and it can crush their

windpipe and all kinds of stuff so make

sure you grab behind and then you can

can pick them up and this isn't the best

way especially if you have like a

pregnant guinea pig she's not pregnant

she's just fat um but uh if you have a

pregnant guinea pig you don't want to do

this at all in fact the only way you

should pick them up is coaxing them

to a box hey Alan but it is okay it is

acceptable as long as you're supporting

most of their body weight just like this

and right now I have her front and back

paws supported and once you get them

picked up you want to draw them into

your body as best as you can like just

like this just hold hold them up next to

you like that

that makes them feel secure and it also

gives you a better handle on him now

Helens pretty tame she's never really

tried to jump out of my arms or anything

like that but uh Nora is a different

story so that's pretty much it that is

how you properly pick up and handle your

guinea pigs and then putting them down

it's just the opposite of picking them

up make sure they're supported it's best

to have one hand underneath and one hand

on top so that way if they try and jump

they can't they can't do that because if

they jump from chest height or something

like that that that can break their legs

or you know break their face they're

they're little tiny so fall from your

chest it's like a fall from 20 feet for


and that's that's it leave a like leave

a comment and stay tuned for the next

video thanks for watching