How to Hold a Newborn - Basic Holds

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hi guys I'm Eric from the parenting

Channel today I want to talk to you

about holding your newborn baby and for

all your new dads out there I know this

can be a scary experience so we're gonna

give you some tips today on how to do


joining me today is Jessica breeze she's

a certified Midwife at the University of

Colorado Hospital okay Jessica so tell

me tell me what to do here okay so a lot

of parents are really hesitant you're

not alone babies seem quite delicate

when they're just born the most

important thing is to remember that they

don't have a lot of neck control so you

always have to have a hand supporting

their head okay so the most basic one is

the cradle hold and that's just where

you put the head right in the neck of

your of your arm either side is fine

and you're going to put the head right

in the neck you're going to make sure

you got it you have to make sure your

forearm is just right under the baby yes

well just like that depending on the

size of your baby in your comfort level

eventually you could hold your baby

one-handed this next hold is the

shoulder hold okay and this is x1 also

for a baby who spits up a lot and it can

be really comfortable for a baby who has

a tummy ache to have their tummy resting

against your chest and to prevent

spitting up okay okay so what you're

going to do always support the head and

you're going to bring the baby belly

kind of close to your chest okay change

the position of this hand so that it's

too late it's like this okay and then

just boring on the bring your lips okay

pull them up higher also that you could

go against your shoulder

a little guys you do want to move ahead

Oh head up say ok come here buddy you

just can kind of you go like this

shoulder there you go pull that down

just better yeah and don't hesitate so

just hold them against you okay let me

see maybe this shoulder yeah that might

feel welcome

this feels a little better how's that

heads to the side or like that okay okay

you want to hold him higher for that he

kind of oh so he's on up he's up here



okay so that's how you hold a baby from

the parenting channel I'm Eric