How to Bottle Feed and Burp your Newborn Baby

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when you're discharged from the hospital with your newborn baby

the nurses and doctors are going to instruct you on how much

formula your newborn baby is taking at that time so when you go home continue

with what they're saying

you will have an appointment with your pediatrician 2 to 3 days

after discharge. At this time your pediatrician will instruct you

as to how much formula you're going to be

giving your newborn and how much you're going to be increasing the feeding

let's talk about positioning your baby and the bottle for feeding

a good position to feed your newborn baby in is an upright position

I'm going to say approximately a 45 degree angle

is a great angle to have your newborn baby

in during a feeding. Now as far as the bottle goes

again approximatley a 45 degree angle for the bottle.

You do not want the bottle to be too up right, this is going to cause too much

formula to drip out of the nipple and into your babies mouth.

Also you don't want the nipple to be too far down

because air will enter into the nipple and cause you baby to ingest

too much air into their bellies so you always want to make sure that there is

formula filling in the nipple at all times and

approximately 45 degree angle for both the baby and the nipple would be perfect

Just so you know this is James' is natural hair do

we try to put it down by just puffs right back out - it's very cute.

It's not uncommon for newborn babies to fall asleep during feeding

this is a very happy time for them they love to eat

so you can just move the nibble around a little bit in their mouth.

You can twirl it around.

You could take your fingers and go under the chin gently

try to start nibbling again. You can even do some cheek support just by

holding your cheeks while other nippling just kinda get them going again.

James is still nippling but if babies fall asleep,

sometimes they just stop feeling altogether

so there's different things that you can do to wake them up again

certain things are singing to them talking to them

rubbing them gently - massaging your feet. For more drastic measures you can

undress them you can re- change their diaper - if it's dirty or not …

that doesn't matter.

those kinda things will help with waking them up again.

Burping is also a good way of waking your baby up

so that they will continue their feeding and complete it.

Babies tend to accumulate air in their bellies when they are feeding. Bottle-fed babies

tend to have more air in their bellies during the feeding

then do breastfed baby because bottle-fed babies

ingest more air as they're feeding. Breastfed babies latch on

to the breast and they do not get any air in because they're not getting

air from the mother's breast.

The right time to burp you baby is in the middle of feeding. (BURP SOUND) "Oh that was it!"

and also again at the end feeding

There are different positions that you can use to burp your baby. Some of the most

common positions are putting your baby

over your shoulder and then you can gently Pat

or rub the back.

Another position you can burp your baby in is you can rest them on your lapsitting up …

lean them forward - hold their head in your hand securely and then again

gently pat their backs- you could rub their backs in a circular motion.

That's usually a very common way

of burping your baby. Another way you could do it is you can place the baby down on your lap

put the diaper cloth down first and just gently lay them down

on your lap.

Just like this …

And again, rub or pat their back gently. If you're trying to burp baby

and they're only halfway through their feeding and they're not letting out a burp …

try to burp for approximately five minutes if you're not getting a burp out, that's okay …

not every baby is going to burp midway through their feeding.

Just continue along with the feeding

and then try again to get a burp out at the end a feeding.

Don't worry if your baby doesn't

let out a burp - they will let it out some way … might be the other end

Ha ha ha ha

Sometimes you'll notice when you're burping your baby,

a little bit of spit up may come out.

That's okay. A lot of times air

is underneath that formula or breast milk and when the air comes out

a little bit of formula or the breast milk may come out as well.

Don't worry about that.

There are times that you could be a little bit concerned and that is if your

baby is excessively spitting up large amounts or …

if they're extremely irritable while they're spitting up.

In this instance I would say to contact your pediatrician.