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if you've never held a baby it can be a

little scary you know you might be

worried about dropping the child or

holding it wrong so in this video we're

giving you six ways to hold a baby

safely and securely hey guys I'm Jason

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most it really helps us grow okay first

things first

in preparation of holding the baby you

want to remember three things number one

clean hands so you're gonna want to wash

your hands and make sure that they're

clean before holding or touching the

baby you know a baby's immune system is

still being built and you don't want to

pass on unnecessary germs number two

relax take a deep breath or a couple if

you need to and relax your shoulders

which will help relax your body now a

baby can feel your energy

so being relaxed is going to help them

as well

number three secure hold so while you

are relaxing your body you're going to

want to make sure that you have a secure

hold of the baby especially the head

we're gonna talk more about this as we

go along and show each hold I can tell

you that when when my first child was

born my son I was pretty nervous to hold

him I had never really held a baby maybe

once or twice before and I was nervous

but those nerves went away pretty

quickly as soon as I had him in my arms

and it just it felt amazing I'm gonna

show you six different ways to hold your

be with each hold I will begin with the

baby in a start position that looks like

this number one cradle hold so the

baby's head is tucked into your arm

securely while your hand is under the

baby's bottom you then have the baby's

hand that's closest to your body some

like it tucked up above them others may

like it below them and it's a very

secure position your other arm is then

brought in around the baby and can

support the head this is probably the

most common way to hold a baby and

you're using both arms so the baby's

head is secure you're also securing it

with your other hand it's really good

hold for when you're sitting down as

well number two football hold so from

the start position like a football you

tuck the baby into your arm the head of

the baby is near your bicep and your

forearm and your hand is under the

baby's bottom pretty secure and close to

your body this is similar to how when

you head both arms with the cradle hold

except now you have one arm free to do

anything like the Heisman number three

reverse football hold so instead of the

baby's head going toward your body you

put the baby's feet towards your body

and your hand is supporting the neck and

the head and the reason I like this

position is it allows you to look at the

baby and the baby to look at you so for

some this might not feel as secure as

some of the other holds but this was

actually one of my favorites

I felt secure with it and also gave me a

chance to see my children number four

belly hold so similar to the football

the baby is tucked into your arm except

in this one the baby is on its stomach

so you are securely holding the baby

again close to your body

hands are near the feet or holding near

the legs and the head you're gonna want

to turn the head to the outside or to

the inside just to make sure that

they're breathing easily and their face

is not straight down on your arm with

this one I felt really secure this was

one of my favorites with both my kids

number five

reverse belly hold similar to the

reverse football the baby's head is in

your hand the difference here is that

the baby is again on their stomach so

your hand is supporting near their neck

their chin line very lightly so for some

for some babies they really like this

because they can look out or they're

looking down my children love this hold

but for others they may not it's

something that you'll want to try number

six shoulder hold from the start

position bring the baby up to your

shoulder with your outside arm you're

securing and holding the baby's bottom

and with the other hand you can support

their head and neck the baby's head is

pretty high up on your shoulder so that

they can see out or they can look to the

side also you're gonna want to make sure

you have a bib or a towel or something

under you because this is a common

position for the baby spitting up it's

also very comfortable when you're

sitting or you're lying down to have the

baby in this position learning how to

hold a baby does take a little practice

but you'll be an expert very quickly

you'll want to try all the different

positions and see what works for you and

what works for your baby every one is


I'd love to hear from you try these

holds and let me know which one works

best leave your feedback in the comment

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