HOW TO HOLD A BOTTLE (When Feeding a Newborn Baby) | Dr. Paul

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nice bit of gloves blue color okay


when I let go of this mouth we're gonna

have some screaming which oh my goodness

let's try something here let's try

something let's get you settled down

here let's try here we go oh my goodness

here we go listen this is the Baby

Whisperer technique oh you want to eat

is it eating time the magic stuff oh

here we go now I didn't have a chance

with my finger see this is what we


you know when babies are fussy and

they're young like this first month or

two of life think they want to eat first

that's like number one now we're content

look at that you might notice too

that was quiet for a minute because I

wanted you to hear those sweet baby

sounds mmm finally though my milk but

you'll notice the way I'm holding this

bottle it is just balanced on my hand

I'm not actually holding it and that is

usually a helpful way for babies not to

feel forced they can take as much of the

nipple as they want and they won't be as

likely to kind of resist you because

they're sort of in charge of how deep of

a latch they make with the bottle and I

found that to work best and also if that

head was to move my hand can move with

the head because my little other finger

my middle finger on this hand is under

the jaw so I'm gonna feel the head move

and I'll just rotate with the head

whichever way it wants to move so

there's again no pressure that you have

to hold your head a certain way while

you're being fed so this is what a

Content happy baby looks like I'm about

to show you what an unhappy baby looks

like when I fix the belly button and

it's not that the belly button fixing is

just a minor chemical cautery to dry up

a bleeding blood vessel from the

umbilical cord doesn't I mean if it

hurts it momentarily it's literally a

split second or two but you saw the

fussiness we had when I was just looking

at the eyes because we want to be eating

right now