This Doctor Has A Secret Trick To Instantly Make a Baby Stop Crying

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a baby's cry has been voted one of the

worst sounds on earth making it stop is

the holy grail of parenting here we have

a a crying baby enter dr. Robert

Hamilton 23 million people have seen him

perform a miracle I fold his right arm

like this and then his left arm in front

and then very gently hold his little

bottom and gently rock him up and down

just like that is this magic that baby

just stopped crying who is this doctor

or should I say magician we're in Santa

Monica to ask the magician pediatrician

how he became the baby whisperer when I

examine the child in the hospital or

here in my office I frequently make them

cry over the years I've been able to

really perfect this method of holding

them and it works well we've brought

them up and down very gently sometimes

we stir him to the left and we serve him

to the right but how does this magic

work dr. Hamilton believes that this

technique works because it mimics the

babies experience in the womb by folding

the baby's arms across its chest it

creates a sense of containment so that's

a sense of familiarity for them the

gentle rocking motion mimics the

sensation of floating inside the

amniotic sac so what I do is I take one

hand like that other hand like that and

very gently hold the 45-degree angle has

nothing to do with comforting the baby

and everything to do with interesting

the baby it's almost as though the

baby's going oh

hello world this is new I like it

suddenly they're at this angle that

they're not used to experiencing usually

they're on their backs you see the

ceiling they see some faces coming over

this combination of the familiar and the

new provides a lot of different stimuli

that overwhelm the babies instinct to

cry I've had four babies and I wish I

had known about the hold oh the times

hopefully this is helpful to you thank

you for your attention my best

to your family