How to carry a baby car seat = MIND BLOWN.

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Um, G'Day. I've got the wife, How to MUM on the camera, say hi


Um so she's just got back from the dentist

and has uncovered the world's best parenting tip

for anyone with a baby.

The dentist told her so she can't claim it as her own

but it's how to carry a baby in one of these

We always, as mothers and fathers, we carry the babies like this

You know how it's heavy, and you kind of get your leg on it

and then you accidentally start shaking the baby about

as you do this

Don't do that, are you ready?

You face them like this

You put your arm through the handle

and then you grab the side bit

and up!

You don't even know there's a baby there.

She's cool

Oh sorry what was that?

Yep, sell the stocks, na all good

Oh sorry you dropped something, I go it

Oh you want to go for a run?

Let's go

This isn't even a joke, this is a legit

proper baby tip

There you go

You can relax your arm

They weigh nothing.

Um and that was

probably my best, most serious tip I've ever given

Thanks Dentist and thanks How to MUM

She didn't want to go on camera so I'm telling you


Do the other arm? No problem

Alright, say bye?

Are you going to say bye?

Too many spins? I think I did too many demo spins

Cut there.