Message for Moms: Breastfeeding Positions

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today we're going to talk about how to

position your baby for breastfeeding the

most important thing you want to

remember with breastfeeding is that you

want the baby's mouth to be on the arena

and not on the nipple you want to bring

baby straight on to that nipple so that

he or she gets a good latch there are

three very common positions for


the most common position is the football

hold where we'll position the baby under

the arm with pillow support to get the

baby straight onto the breast and use

your other hand for a C hold to help

support the breast tissue some moms

prefer a cradle position there are two

cradle positions the original cradle

position where baby's head is supported

in the crook of your arm and your other

hand is used to hold the C position for

breast support or the cross cradle where

you switch hands using this hand at the

base of the neck and your other hand for

the support we have two positions that

are frequently used when we have breast

feeding difficulties the biological or

laid-back position we move mom into a 45

degree angle bringing the baby straight

onto the breast allowing for a deeper

latch mom's do have a high milk supply

or a fast let down may notice their baby

choking for these moms we will position

in a straddle with baby's legs

straddling mom's leg and bringing the

baby straight on reducing gravity and

slowing down that milk flow if you have

more questions about breastfeeding you

can call your health care provider or

our outpatient lactation clinic here at

university of utah health care