How to Properly Pick Up and Handle a Bearded Dragon

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hey guys knit from the herd guys and

just give me a little video on how to

pick up and handle your bearded dragon

so as you can see this technique works

because I've been doing it to this guy

every day and he's chill like right now

before me the video

I forgot the memory card from the camera

downstairs so I had to go downstairs

while holding him go downstairs get it

know how to get some keys go back

downstairs come back up make the video

so yeah he's really chill he's actually

sitting in my hand a couple minutes ago

yeah if I said show us I like to Chilton

when I watch TV or you know just just

anything really these guys are really

cool you guys are really awesome so yeah

here's how long I can do and pick up

this guy's so as you can see just just

chilling my hand right now so he just

put him down right there how many two

hands for this camera down quick all


all right so here is so your so baby but

I can't trust in that much that's why

I'm cutting my head right here but yeah

here he is all right so what you want to

do is pick up these guys babies did you

want to get your hand and you just want

to put it under them scoop under the

chest then lift it up then you go the

two fingers down so you can support

their tail and both their back to the

hind legs as you can see every part of

his body is fully connected is fully on

me so he is not squirming you know

stretching out spazzing out being tense

or anything he's chill right now stuff

so you pick them up and as they get

older you can keep doing that strategy

but use more fingers as you do it like

if he was a maybe six or six month old

maybe use like three or four fingers or

however big your hand isn't however big

he is it depends so just you have these

guys you want to just like make sure you

don't move around too much don't jump

around and if they do I run a little bit

then you could do that um kind like a

hand escalator I can't do it this guy

because he's really chill but felt like

a bearded dragon basically is we call it

like this when you're walking you co

like hands like this and stuff you know

what I mean oh yeah and by the way I did

find out what he is he is a citrus hit

type of hit hypo hit chance

I forgot what his parents were but I got

I got what he was and she tell me what

he was too but I forgot that guy's here

he is so the thing guys for watching and

I hope this helped bye

oh and one more thing I fret so you guys

um with the guys especially when they're

babies is the best time to get on to

tame him down handle him and all that

stuff also when you feed them you have

the water just really anything you do

with them you want to incorporate as

much time as possible because what you

do like supposed to like when you feed

water you can do to give them use of

their hand and use tubing um hand

watered which is better than actually


water ball it should just spray them

down like you couldn't either spray

their whole body or you could just put

the water bar on top of his mouth and

it's like spray it that's why guys aside

you know this guy every day and he's

gotten used to it within three or four

days so all I do is open the cage he

stays there doesn't spaz out and run

away I put the water bottle at the water

bottle spray bottle right on top of his

head and this up his head and I spray it

water goes right into his mouth and then

I spray his body a couple of days so he

can get to his whole body like hydrated

and stuff and then when you feed him

what I do is I get I show him my hand

wave at him and I get a little meal one

dish and Giff not mean one dish to me or

mom we get mealworms from it at Petco I

get one of those puts the crickets in

there dusted shake him up so he sees

them and he goes crazy I just don't

atanga he just goes Adams

so yeah guys you want to cooperate his

hit your hand as much as possible for

these guys so they get used to you and

they love you as you can see this guy's

hasn't spaz that one bit he's nice and

fat - all right guys so thank you for

watching please comment subscribe bye