Child Development: Your Baby at 6 Months

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so welcome back

your child is now six months old and

today we'll be discussing all the

wonderful development your child is

making at this point in his life

i'd like to introduce you to some really

special people this is

amber and her beautiful son logan

who is six months old hi logan

and also with us today is elise a

pediatric physical therapist

who will help us visualize normal

development at six months

a six-month-old child is becoming very

interested in the world

his distance vision has improved and he

likes to look at things around him

he knows familiar faces and is beginning

to recognize strangers

he is beginning to respond to other

people's emotions

he is often happy and loves to smile

back at you

he is more able to interact with his

environment by reaching for objects

passing them from hand to hand bringing

them to his mouth

or into his line of vision your baby

likes to interact with others

especially you he hears well can locate

a sound

and is starting to imitate sounds around


he will imitate the sounds that you make

and this turns into a game of babbling

you will hear your child start to make

consonant sounds like

or b and then add vowel sounds like ah

or o you may hear him for say mama or

dada but this may not mean you at this

time at six months your baby can express

his own feelings

including joy or displeasure by now your

child is able to roll in both directions

he is curious about objects and tries to

get things that are out of his reach

he is interested in moving but may rock

back and forth or even scoot backwards

before moving forward

your baby is starting to assume more

upright positions

like sitting with support or up on his

hands and knees

upright positions offer a different view

of the world

he likes to look at himself in a mirror

your child is now supporting

some of his weight and may even enjoy

standing with your help

he may bounce on his legs with great


so join us next time when we'll be

looking at the skills your child has

developed by nine months of age

and remember if you ever have concerns

about your child's development

either contact your primary care

provider or call us at multicare mary

bridge children's hospital

we're always there to help