Baseball Pitching Grips - How to throw a 4 seam fastball & 12-6 Curveball

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Hey, what's up guys? We're talking a little baseball

Pitching grips, [I'm] here with my sidekick jersey

and my homeboy buddy and

we're going to talk about the four seam fastball and the [12:6] curveball okay great combination [to] pitch off of

having a fast pitch that moves this way and a slower pitch that

Breaks down and has a lot of depth to it, okay

first of all the four Seam fastball

They call it a four seam because you grip it

Across the four seams some guys grip it on top of the seam here

Other guys and myself grip it off of the seams here because the seams hurt the fingers too much

But the reason they call it a four seam fastball is because when it's traveling [through] the air. It's spinning backwards it has backspin and

Four seams cut through the air one two three four. That's why they call it a four seam fastball, okay?

Theory behind the four seam fastball is that you're going to get more speed to the pitch

Because you have more seams cutting through it and the magnus effect is going to help

Carry that ball faster to home plate and stay on the same plane

which in my opinion you want to have more depth on a pitch, but the four seam fastball can be used very effectively for

In my example personally I would use the four seam fastball to go into a lefty so my ball will entail back over the plate

[I] very very rarely [threw] a four seam

Fastball to a righty. [I] would throw more of a sinker to a righty

But again it can be a very effective pitch if you get some good backspin on it

And it's a good pitch to be able to locate where [you're] pitching

if you guys throw a four seam fastball go ahead and hit [that] thumbs up real quick and

Then we're going to talk about the [twelve] six curve ball. You [know] throw a 12-6 [curveball]. [I] don't know where he went

[Twelve] Six Curve Ball

You're going to grip the way. I grip it is you can grip it many different ways

But the way, I grip it is where the open horseshoe is when I take my two fingers

I'm going to take my middle finger and hook it [right] on that lace and

Then I have this other finger and put it right next to it my thumb placement is going to be

underneath in line pretty much with my two fingers

but I'm cutting half of the ball more off on this side of the ball versus this [cylla] ball that's going to help when I

Throw this ball here

It's going to help for it to pop out and go forward now a 12-6 curveball is just like the four seam fastball

Except instead of going four seams spinning through the air backwards you want it to go four seams through the air spinning

Forwards and the more forward you can get this ball going this way with the four seams on the horseshoes the more depth

Straight downward you're going to get and that's why they call it a 12-6

Curveball twelve six is just a reference to a clock imagine a clock

[your] 12 is up here your six is down here

You want that ball to go from here to [here] so it's more of a straight down pitch

then your typical curveball which is more of a [one] [seven] or [two] [eight] okay, so

Again, I'm not really

Squeezing extra hard on these laces, and I'm not soft. I know sometimes you hear hold it like an egg. I'm definitely not soft

I'm not holding it like an egg, and I don't have much space in between my hand here as you can see

I'm pretty pretty

I don't want to say tight, but I'm pretty

Close to the ball on my grip

So I've got a very good grip on this ball

Again when you come through you're just trying to come fingers on top so your wrist angle is going to be this way

On your [four-Seam] fastball your wrist angles going to be right behind on the curveball it's going to be more like a karate chop

But your fingers want to be on top coming down

through that ball getting that four seam Spin going forward if you guys throw a

12-6 curveball go ahead and hit that thumbs up now, or if you found this [helpful]

Go ahead and hit that [thumbs] up anyway, and share this video, okay?

Go ahead and leave me a comment below and [let] me know what pitches you throw, we'll talk about it in the comment section below

Thanks guys hope this [helped] and I'll talk to you soon