How to Hold A Baby - Baby Holding Positions - The Basics [2019]

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hello and welcome to another baby

pillars tutorial in this video we will

learn basic holding positions most

comfortable for your baby holding

positions most comfortable for you

several options for handling your baby

how to familiarize your baby with their

body symmetry performing each exercise

on both sides of your baby's body

equally during the newborn stages of an

infant's life there are several ways of

holding them the position that most of

us are familiar with is this vertical

position on our shoulders for newborns

it is essential to keep one hand

supporting their head because of this

stage a baby is not yet able to balance

their head on their own however it's key

to every once in a while remove your

hand from the baby's head give your

newborn the chance to practice holding

up their head independently when you

practice this be sure to keep your hand

nearby so your baby's head doesn't lose

balance hold your baby on your right

shoulder with your right arm nestled

under it's behind almost like a bench

relax your shoulders and create a slight

bouncing motion with your body by

slightly bending and straightening your

knees to alter your holding position

gently hold on to the area of your

baby's ribs slightly away from your body

and move your baby to your other

shoulder your left hand then becomes the

bench and your right hand becomes a

support system for the head during this

process continue with the slight

bouncing motion by bending and

straightening your knees this can be

either a side-to-side motion