Baseball Grips for Pitching - How to throw a Cutter and 2 seam

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hey guys we're talking to little

baseball grips for pitching I'm John

Madden this is my co-host Jersey girl

she would be a great picture if she had

thumbs but she got webbed feet you could

probably throw some nasty pitches with

some webbed feet can't you he's a good

girl all right so we're talking some

baseball grips for pitching and

specifically I'm going to talk about the

two-seam and the cutter in this video


the two-seam is a pitch that is going to

move arm side for a pitcher the cutter

is a pitch that's going to move glove

side for a pitcher so sometimes these

pitches can be used as a good repertoire

as in your in your pitching arsenal if

you've got a fastball that goes straight

and then you've got a two-seam and a

cutter that could be a good combination

of pitches so I'm going to go ahead and

explain real quick how to throw the

two-seam fastball and how to throw the

cutter some great baseball grips for

pitching first the two-seam what I like

to do the way I like to grip it and

there's many different ways you can grip

the two-seam but the way I like to grip

it is in the skinny part of the ball I

take my pointer finger and go on the

left since I'm a righty I'm going to

take my pointer finger and go on the

left side of the skinny part of the ball

then I'm gonna take my middle finger and

go right next to it now if I were to

hold this up it would look like I'm just

in between both laces but in reality I

just have fat fingers so I'm really

hooking on this lace right here okay I'm

not really putting pressure on there I'm

just kind of hooking to that lace okay

now if you can see my thumb placement

I'm also right underneath that pointer

finger as well and more of the ball is

sticking out this way that's going to

make it easier for me to get inside of

this pitch and make it move arm side and

that's what we're trying to do on a

two-seam fastball is get inside of this


a little at release point so our wrist

angle is going to be about here at

release point and that's going to tilt

this ball enough to where I'm hooked and

I got more on this side of the ball that

the ball is going to come out and

continue moving to the arm side okay

that's a great pitch for a variety

versus a righty or even versus the left

because it's moving away from him or

into a righty so it's a great pitch for

both batters now me personally I was a

sinker ball pitcher so it was basically

a two seam fastball but I have more

depth on it versus side movement another

great pitch but that's another video

entirely now if you throw a two seam

fastball go ahead and hit the thumbs up

real quick and then we'll talk about the

cutter the cutter I like to throw a

natural cutter I was never very good at

it but I could throw it really good on

flat ground and a natural cutter is one

where you're not really forcing the

movement glove side instead you're just

setting up in a good place and putting

yourself into a good position to let

that ball naturally just cut out their

glove side and the way I did that

instead of going on the skinny part like

the two seam I will come across the

laces on the skinny part I would have a

little bit of space in between my

fingers and the main thing would be that

my middle finger is just up on top of

that lace my pointer finger would not be

on that lace okay because typically your

middle finger is longer than your

pointer finger okay so I'm going to use

that to have my middle finger just on

that lace and then my pointer finger

just underneath that lace okay now the

way I'm going to throw this is I'm just

going to come straight down through here

and all I'm going to try to do is have a

slight slight wrist angle at release

point and I want the last thing to touch

this ball be the inside part of my

middle finger right here okay so I'm

going to come down so if this was

straight if I'm throwing straight to you

the camera this would be straight

release point right I'm going to be tiny

tiny bit inside okay just a tiny bit I

don't even know if you can see that

difference right there here's straight

on here's my cutter tiny tiny bit and

then I'm coming straight down with that

and I want the last thing to touch this

baseball be the

inside part of my middle finger right

here and that last little touch on that

lace right there as I come through it's

just going to give a little bit of extra

rotation on this side of the ball and

just have it scoot across it's a really

tough pitch to throw it's a natural

cutter but if you can find that natural

movement like that that thing is nasty

and they'll just keep cutting if you get

the right if you get the right touch on

it okay so it's a great pitch if you

like that pitch go ahead and leave me a

thumbs up try it out in your next

bullpen or flat-ground session because

if you can get this pitch it is a great

great pitch again a natural cutter is

not going to hurt your arm one that

you're forcing I see a lot of kids try

to throw a cutter that they're really

trying to force or turn the wrist or

snap the snap it out in front that's no

bueno but a natural cutter is not going

to hurt you at all and it's a great

pitch to throw off of your to seam again

if you got a fastball a two seam and a


you got pitches going every which way

you got batters confused guys I hope you

liked this video go ahead and share it

for me and leave a comment below and let

me know what pitches you throw and we'll

talk a little bit about more pitching

also if you want to click the link below

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pitching information for you guys so I

will talk to you soon

thanks for watching