Handgun Grip | Competitive Shooting Tips with Doug Koenig

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hi I'm Doug Kenny professional shooter

today I'm gonna share with you some

techniques that I use to be a top-level

competitive shooter one of the first

things is grip grip tension and how to

grip the firearm okay on a 1911 style

pistol I like to grip the gun as high as

I possibly can to get the beaver tail

part of the grip safety up into the web

of my hand as high as I can get it okay

that's step number one

then I want to get my other remaining

fingers and get them underneath the

trigger guard you get high and put a

little bit of a squeeze as I grab the

pistol my strong hand thumb is going to

be on top of the safety now as you can

see I've created a nice pocket that's

where my weak hand support hand is gonna

go it's gonna fit straight in okay same

thing I want to get my index finger on

my we can't up under the trigger guard

then I'm gonna put my weak and thumb

right on the frame and I'm maintaining

riding the safety the safety is still on

as I index the target now I take the

safety off unloaded firearm Safety's off

and I engage the target and as you can

see my thumb's are lined up right down

the side of the gun so I can point to

the target basically with my thumbs and

that's gonna point the gun to the target

help me with my you know acquiring

target the target acquisition whether

you're shooting paper targets or steel

targets grip tension I like to use a

50/50 equal grip in each hand and the

amount of tension that I like to use is

about what you would use swinging a

hammer not the death grip okay to where

you're gonna be trying to choke that

thing out and if you hold it too loose

it's gonna fly out of your hand so you

don't want that you want a nice firm

grip but not a death grip the death grip

I have found gives you inconsistent and

erratic muzzle flip and recoil control

so what you're looking for for that fast

follow-up shot is the front sight

tracking straight up and down and a good

neutral firm grip is

to give you that now that you know the

grip that I use take it to the range and

give it a try

if you're looking for a place to shoot

go to NSF's website where to shoot org

and always remember a firearm safety

starts with you