How to Brush Hog (or Bush Hog) for the First Time...10 Tips That Make it Easier and Safer

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hi it's mike with asktractormike.com and

backup me today is a field of mine that

could really use mowing and I'm getting

ready to brush hog or a bush hog if you

will a bush hog he's a brand name but

I'm getting ready to take a tractor to

cutter and knock this down I'm doing a

this video really kind of targeted to

people that have never run a brush hog

before never run a rotary cutter and you

and your you're getting ready to get in

the field for the first time and you're

a little intimidated there's a lot going

on when you're when your brush hogging

and so I'm going to talk today about

number one about how to get ready for it

and what to expect it how how do you get

the tractor in and get it going and then

number two I'm going to give you ten

tips that might make the experience just

a little better and if you're a seasoned