How To Tie A Trucker's Hitch

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everyone Brandon Nelson and in one

minute I'm gonna show you the two knots

you need to know to tie down any load

here's how most people tie the first

knot they put the rope through and then

they just start making tangles until it

looks like something that won't come

undone and they hope for the best

now here's how you should be doing it

this knot is called a GE now watch what

I do here I'm gonna come from underneath

bring some of the rope back then pinch

it with my fingers

fold this end over now I'm gonna wrap it

twice around those two lines and put a

loop through and that's it then I'm

gonna pull it tight against the trailer

we've got our hitch over there so we

come across the top of the load and then

again what most people do is pull as

tight as they can and then make some new