How to Hitch and Unhitch a caravan

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hi guys and welcome back today we're at

the caravan I'm going to show you how to

hook up your Caravan to your car so a

correctly attached Caravan to your car

is really important so the first job is

to check the handbrake so come like me

admit with me and we'll check that now

so check that the handbrake is on and

that the jockey wheel is fully down you

don't want it up here in any position

you want it all the way to the floor

make sure that you candles are both

tight slip when you take the legs up it

will hold the caravan we're gonna whine

going around to the legs we're gonna

wind those up let's bring the legs up

instead of using your manual ones

because we're a bit lazy he's one of

these just the general trim I'm one of

these this has got a leg attachment I

just like any normal drill bit whizzes