Hooking up a Travel Trailer - How To RV: Camping World

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we want to help you get your next

camping trip started off on the right

foot and today we're going to show you

how to properly hit your travel trailer

to a tow vehicle with these types of RVs

a weight distribution hitch is the most

common due to the average weight of a

travel trailer the main feature of a

weight distribution hitch is the long

rods called

spring rods which help redistribute the

weight lightening the load on the tow

vehicle to allow better steering to

start raise the trailer tongue to make

sure there's enough room for the hitch

ball to go underneath the coupler

once in place position the tow vehicle

so the hitch ball is under the coupler

and insert wheel chocks to keep the

trailer from moving then open the

coupler latch and use the crank to lower