How To Hit The Perfect Tennis Forehand In 5 Simple Steps

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Hey everyone Simon here from Top Tennis Training and in this video, I want to

help you hit a perfect forehand in five simple steps. So the first thing we're

going to talk about is the grips. Now if you use a western grip on your forehand

you'll get a lot of topspin but it will be hard for you to generate the power so

you don't really want to be hitting with the Western grip if you've got the

eastern flowing grip which is much further around like this now I can

generate a flatter shot and more power but I won't be able to generate the same

topspin as the grip that we recommend which is a semi-western grip

now the semi-western grip is like this from here I can spin the ball but I can

also hit through the ball so now you have your grip you're ready for step

number one which is having a perfect ready position now if we look at

Djokovic Federer and Nadal let's watch they're ready position right now

so there you could see that all three players have the racket head hired in

the grip level they're waiting with their forehand grip and this is because

they want to hit their four hands around 60 to 70% of the court can be covered

with your forehand especially if you're a little bit quicker you can even cover

further into the back and wait so you want to wait with the forehand grip and

you want to hit as many fines as possible so you're waiting with the

forehand grip you're non-healing hand this is my left hand because I'm a

right-hander is on the throat of the racket like so or on the grip if I'm a

two-handed backhand player some two handers will still hold the fruit of the