A Flop Shot Lesson With Phil Mickelson

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what are the famous shots that Phil is

noted for is this is the flop shot the

technique is incredible Phil can you

explain it well Roger I need obviously a

60-degree wedge or more I sometimes will

use a 64 but the 60-degree is just as

effective I need to have bounce actually

people think that I don't have bounce on

this shot I actually have 10 degrees of

Bounce mm-hmm but I have this little

concave groove we talked about with a

leading edges sticking forward it helps

get underneath the ball right the

biggest thing in hitting the LOB shot is

assessing the line if we have one on the

ball I'd like to point out there are two

different lines here one where the grass

is fluffy and one where the grass is

tight I'm going to show you how to hit

the one off of the tight lie here and

what I do is I want the club to go