How To Play The Perfect Flop shot

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hello and welcome to me in my golf it's

time for the impact show and how to play

the perfect flop shot

let's take charge of your game never

doing that again

thanks for joining us by the second

green and the aspirin now if you don't

already oddest is all about fifty yards

and in that is the theme for the month

so everybody is has can you show us how

to pay the perfect flop shot it is a

great shot when it comes off but it can

go wrong carnot it can go wrong and

that's the thing we don't want you're

really attempting this if you haven't

practice it because if you do get it

wrong you're on danger of killing

somebody on the golf course and you

don't want to do that so what we're

gonna do today show you some key things

that you can do in practice that you can