How To Hit A Flat Serve?

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Hi guys Nick here from Intuitive Tennis. Today I'm going to show you how to hit a flat serve.

Let's start off with the grip. On the flat serve so the grip is going

to be a continental grip with our base knuckle on bevel number two. However one

of the greatest servers of all time Boris Becker had a slight forehand grip

on his first serve somewhere between the Eastern forehand grip and the

Continental forehand grip somewhere on this on this edge and this is how Becker

would hold the racket he would then switch over to a continental grip on the

second serve but he felt that you can get more power with a slight forehand

grip. Another player that did it the same way it was Patrick Rafter and there's

currently a top hundred player named Peter Gojowczyk who also has a slight

forehand grip. So if you happen to be slightly over towards the forehand side

that is not a deal-breaker for the flat serve

The flat serve is going to be the first serve a beginner will learn. As

a beginner you don't have to worry about kick serve the slice serves or even as

an intermediate player you might not necessarily have to worry about those

serves because you have to develop all the technical and fundamental elements

of the serve first and that's going to be the easiest to do on a flat serve. A

flat serve is very simple to perform what you have to worry about is the

swing path of the racket so from the trophy position we're going to try to

drop the racket down and come up to the ball and then we're going to simply

continue with the racket towards the target and then once we've reached this