How to Hit Fast Pitching

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hey what's up fellas how you doing man

Sonali here hey what's up guys how we

doing Menon Tonelli here today we're

talking about how to hit fast pitching

okay I get this question all the time

Matt how do I hit faster pitching you

know I'm hitting pitching pretty well

but anytime I face a faster pitcher I

just can't hit how do I do it

okay there's a couple of tips that I can

give your desk the first thing and

probably the easiest adjustment to make

is to get everything started earlier

okay so a guy comes in throwing faster

it's not that you're gonna swing any

faster to hit the ball right your swing

is your swing okay that net you can

change it over a long period of time you

can go work on it but when you get in

the box your swing is your swing so

you're not be able to swing any faster