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okay guys it's time to get social this

is where we answer your questions you've

joined us at the Osprey and today we're

talking about fairway woods welcome to

me and my goal TV

okay guys so we're here at the Osprey on

the ninth hole par-5 dogleg left

we've got 240 yards left to the hole

perfect for a fairway wood Pierce yep

and this question is from Andrew Moore

Hall saying he's struggling hitting his

fairway woods off the deck and saying

that he's struggling with a lot of

information out there on YouTube he's

not sure who to believe so he wants us

to clear up some things for him so first

of all Andrews sending a message to his

piece that he's trying to hit the golf

ball very shallow with me Candice woods

and we see this often with The Farewell

it's a very difficult shot to play and